The Fire Keepers: A Dark Souls Podcast — Ep. 4: Sweet, Miserable Latria

I hope you're ready to visit a totally miserable shithole, because this week The Fire Keepers are headed to the Tower of Latria. A Lovecraftian...

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 120: Was 2017 Nintendo’s Best Year?

On the very last NXpress Nintendo Podcast episode of 2017, the crew looks back at Nintendo's hugely successful year and debates if this was indeed the best year Nintendo has ever had.

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 119: Best of Nintendo 2017 plus ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’

This week on the Nintendo NXpress Podcast, Goomba Stomp's Managing Editor Mike Worby joins us to discuss our list of the 200 Best Nintendo Games and help us review Donkey Kong Country Returns, a game that he considers one of the three best platformers ever made.

Game Boys, Ep. 87: Riding the Walrus

Depending on where you're from, maybe it's cold outside, it being winter and all.  To celebrate winter and the chilly season holidays, the Game Boys are discussing the coolest indie game around right now, Nine Parchments. 

The Lodgers | A Twin Peaks Podcast, Episode 30: Unwrapping ‘The Return’

Kate and Simon return to break down the behind-the-scenes extras on the S3 DVD set, among other topics.

The Fire Keepers: A Dark Souls Podcast — Ep. 3: Blast You Flamelurker!

This week on The Fire Keepers, we welcome our first guest as George Cheese joins us to talk endless rocky slog of Stonefang Tunnel. We...

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 118: ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’ and ‘BOTW: Champion’s Ballad’

This week on the Nintendo NXpress Podcast, we discuss Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While it is a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, it features a new world...

Game Boys, Ep. 86: Golden Game Boy Awards

2017 is rapidly coming to a close and will likely be remembered as one of the greatest years in video game history.

The TV Roundtable Podcast Episode 15 – Narrative Thrust

The end of 2017 is nigh, which means 'tis the season for cramming in all the television nobody had time to watch during the...

Game Boys, Ep. 85: Game Boys’ Gamer Gift Guide 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year again, the best part of which, but arguably the most challenging part, is gift giving.