NXpress Nintendo Podcast #45: Celebrating 20 years of Pokemon

February 27th marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, with Pokémon Red and Blue releasing in Japan, starting a massive franchise that has gone on to...

NXpress #14: Deciding Nintendo’s best console

The Virtual Boy proved to be a dismal failure for Nintendo but in many ways it was ahead of its time. The Nintendo DS...

The Lodgers | A Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode One, “Pilot”

On the first episode of our dedicated Twin Peaks podcast, we time warp to 1990 to consider how the original run was viewed and interpreted.

NXpress Podcast 64: 30 Years of ‘Metroid’ plus more ‘Pokemon Go’

Metroid deserves all and any praise it has received over the years, if only for launching a winning formula and one of Nintendo’s greatest...

The Lodgers | A Twin Peaks Podcast, Episode 25: Sonny, Sonny, You’re Gonna Die

Seth Mnookin (of MIT's Graduate Science Writing program, Vanity Fair, and a whole bunch of other very cool stuff) for some reason felt compelled to ask if he could come onto our little Twin Peaks podcast...and we (reluctantly) obliged.

Awesome Mixtape Vol. 3: The 18 Best Legend of Zelda Songs

Shigeru Miyamoto’s masterpiece The Legend of Zelda laid the groundwork for almost every action-RPG that came after it, and it has become a staple...

Sordid Cinema Podcast #510: Is ‘Logan’ the Wolverine movie we deserve? (SPOILER-CAST)

On another contentious episode, Ricky, Simon and Patrick are joined by comics aficionado Logan Dalton to talk about James Mangold's Logan, which looks to reinvent the long-running Wolverine character as Hugh Jackman takes him out for one last spin.

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #58: E3 2016 Preview + ‘Super Meat Boy’

Developed by Team Meat and designed by Edmund McMillen, Super Meat Boy has finally made its way to a Nintendo console six years after it...

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 88: ‘Breath of the Wild’ Spoiler Free Review

Since its arrival in 1986, the Zelda series has always pushed the technical boundaries of whatever console it has graced and Breath of the Wild continues this tradition (times two). Epic, mythic, simply terrific, Breath of the Wild brings a new kind of experience to fans across the globe. This week, Ricky, Tim, and Patrick finally get a chance to discuss the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch launch title in a one hour, spoiler free review.

NXpress #4: ‘Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows’ with David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games

This week, David D'Angelo, programmer of Shovel Knight joins us to discuss the video game industry as well as the soon to be released Plague...