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‘Red Dead Redemption II’ Review: The Defining Game of the Generation

John Cal McCormick
Red Dead Redemption II is beautiful, overwhelming, tedious, exhilarating, ugly, fascinating, funny, tragic, exhausting, and utterly, utterly engrossing. It's awesome in the literal sense of the word. It's also the defining game of the generation.
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Westerns Recommended for fans of ‘Red Dead Redemption’

Ricky D Fernandes
Now that Rockstar Games has officially announced a sequel, set for release next year, what better time to look at some criminally overlooked Westerns that fans of the game may be interested in watching while they impatiently wait for it to arrive.
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‘Red Dead Redemption’ and the Theme of Change

Renan Fontes
“Change is only good when it makes things better.” Red Dead Redemption’s narrative is defined by three core themes: redemption, revenge, and resistance. John Marston’s arc is driven by his desire to redeem himself of his past; the idea of revenge is one that looms over John for the whole...
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Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Red Dead Redemption’ and Being John Marston

Katrina Lind
It was the dead of winter in the middle of nowhere, somewhere nestled between Tall Trees and the Great Plains. I had to watch out for bears, chop wood, and gather plants. No, I’m not talking about Red Dead Redemption, but my life in Oregon. It was a few years...