May 10, 2018

Like Father Like Son: Depictions of Masculinity in ‘God of War’

In what is both a continuation and a simultaneous soft reboot of the franchise, God of War offers up an older, wiser, less indiscriminately murderous Kratos; one whose blood lust is tempered by a level of rationality that until now he was seemingly incapable of. The result is a profoundly moving narrative driven just as much by character interaction and development as it is by spectacular combat and action set pieces.
May 7, 2018
God of War's Ending

‘God of War’s Ending Accomplishes Great Things at a Cost

The ending for God of War brings with it numerous emotions to come to terms with and questions to ponder. Despite that, it still has a handful of shortcomings in the gameplay department that prevent it from making it to the pinnacle it could have reached.
April 27, 2018

The Top 5 Things We Want In God Of War 2

The dust has barely had time to settle after our adventures with Kratos and Atreus in God of War, but we're already champing at the bit for what God of War 2 will have in store for us.
April 9, 2018

PS5: Rumors, Expectations, Hopes, & Fears

In the last few days some alleged leaks about PS5 have hit the Internet. As with any leak or rumour, it would behove one to take each piece of news with the proverbial grain of salt, but this source has gotten things of this nature right before...
March 2, 2018

‘Wolfenstein 2’ Shows More Respect for World War 2 Than the Latest ‘Call of Duty’

Wolfenstein 2 understands that the world isn’t so black and white.
February 9, 2018

How Bias Effects Game of the Year Winners

We all have reasons for loving what we love, who cares if the games differ when the reasons are the same.
December 11, 2017

‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series’ Review – An OK Adventure

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Developer(s): Telltale Games Publisher(s): Telltale Games Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 Release Date(s): (Episode 1 – April 18th 2017) ( Episode 2 – June 6th 2017) (Episode 3 – August 22nd 2017) (Episode […]
December 1, 2017

Year in Review: The Winners & Losers For PlayStation in 2017

Let's cast our minds back across the last twelve months and take a moment to remember the winners and losers for PlayStation in 2017.
November 15, 2017

‘Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds’ is More of a Good Thing

And if you never tried Horizon Zero Dawn around its release, due to the influx of great titles released in the February-April period, now is the perfect time to pick it up.
September 27, 2017

Top 10 Games with Sony Editor, John Cal McCormick

Top 10 Games is a new, semi-regular series that hopes to offer a bit of insight into the twisted minds of Goomba Stomp’s writers, editors, and podcasters by allowing them to tell you about their all time favorite games, and why they love them to such an unhealthy degree. About John: […]