Top 10 Worst ‘South Park’ Episodes

South Park is one of the finest comedic series ever made. Period. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s crudely animated creation has acquired its share...
Daniel Day-Lewis & Vicky Krieps in "Phantom Thread"

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It’s hard not to be mesmerized by Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Phantom Thread.'

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The Top Ten Space Opera Comics

Before advances in visual effects, comic books and strips were arguably the best places to experience epic stories of swashbuckling heroes, princesses, and extraterrestrials in galaxies far, far away.

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mirror universe

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The 35 Best TV Shows of 2017 (Part 2)

With nearly 500 scripted series available to watch in 2017, television officially exited the Peak TV era, nestling firmly into its new identity, which we semi-affectionately refer to as the Most TV generation of television.

‘The Punisher’ is a Rare, Twisted but Intelligent Gem

The Punisher is a terrible fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its Netflix branch. As a result, it’s, to date, the best show put out under that banner.