‘Devilman Crybaby’ Reminds Us What It Means to Be Human

To be human is to be capable of overwhelming good and evil. 'Devilman Crybaby' abounds with a wide spectrum of powerful emotions and doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable. A steady beat pulses, a tempo, a sign that within the chaos beats the heart of humanity.

‘Parenthood’ – a feel-good movie with some pretty bleak visions of life

From the director of Splash, Willow and Cocoon and screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (Night Shift and Splash), comes Parenthood, a funny and well-crafted look at the best and worst moments of family life.

25 Days of Christmas: ‘The Christmas Raccoons’

The Christmas Raccoons (1980) Directors: Kevin Gillis and Paul Schibli Writer: Juliet Packer What’s it about? The Christmas Raccoons (a Canadian animated television series) is the first of...

‘Rogue One’ is not the Star Wars you’re looking for

Why 'Rogue one' gets being a good Star Wars movie all wrong.

Top 10 Worst ‘South Park’ Episodes

South Park is one of the finest comedic series ever made. Period. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s crudely animated creation has acquired its share...

The Final Season of AMC’s ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ Delivers Plenty of Surprises

This Saturday is the premiere of the fourth and final season of AMC’s series, Turn: Washington’s Spies. The series has been met with moderate success with lavish and detailed costumes and scenes making the setting of the story, the American Revolutionary War, come alive but without ‘dumbing down’ the material for the average viewer.

Fire and Ice Meet – and Game of Thrones Melts Under the Pressure

The strength of Game of Thrones' first two hours lay in strong thematic parallels, and wonderfully focused characters moments; that is, until Euron's fleet crashed...

For The X-Files, “Home” Is Where the Horror Is

"Home" lives on in the annals of The X-Files storied history as an hour of chilling depravity and unceasing terror.

Tribeca Film Festival 2017: ‘The Dinner’ is One Tasty Film

The powerful combination of the script, direction, and the actors here is what makes 'The Dinner' a dark, smart, and delicious human drama.

‘Luke Cage’ Season 1 Review – Power Man Drops the Ball

Warning: Major Spoilers Below! Marvel’s previous two Netflix exclusive series were highly acclaimed and extremely popular, meaning that their newest, Luke Cage, had a lot going for...