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‘Hunter x Hunter’ (2011) Review: Hunting For A Better Sense Of Pacing

Harry Morris
Hunter x Hunter exists as something of a rarity. Despite being of the Shōnen genre and boasting a lofty 148 episode quota, it bears no filler material (content that deviates from the manga’s story and fails to provide meaningful narrative and/or character progression) beyond a mere two recap episodes. This...
Anime Film

Anime Adaptations: Why Does Hollywood Always Fail?

George Cheese
Anime adaptations have a sordid history in Hollywood’s production studios. Death Note is the latest property to get adapted by the US. A seminal anime I first devoured in my teenage years, I watched the Netflix take on the much-loved property with both amusement and dread. What the heck had...

‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’: Which Story Arc Reigns Supreme?

Harry Morris
What do muscular men flaunting flamboyance, outlandish superpowers, and villains bearing names that tribute popular musicians all have in common? They are all staple parts of the wild ride that is the overwhelmingly popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The long running manga has dipped its toes into all manners of weirdness,...