Monday, March 19, 2018

‘Khook’ Exposes the Fragility of the Creative Male Ego

'Khook' deconstructs the ego of the modern male film director through a pitch-black comic lens.
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot,’ Heralds Gus Van Sant’s Return to...

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot Directed by Gus Van Sant 2018/USA Gus Van Sant returns to the Berlinale with his best film this decade,...
Kim Min-hee in Grass

‘Grass’ is Hangout Cinema at its Best

While Hong Sangsoo's latest effort is hardly life-changing, 'Grass' is a great example of hangout cinema at its best.

‘Dovlatov’ is a Brilliant Tribute to a Great Writer

Dovlatov is a morbidly funny film, with the enjoyment of some jokes depending on a certain knowledge of Russian literature and 20th Century Soviet writers.
Rupert Everett in The Happy Prince

Oscar Goes Wild in the Disappointing ‘The Happy Prince’

'The Happy Prince' is handsomely mounted, but a bit of a sprawling mess.
Damsel Movie

Comedy Western ‘Damsel’ is an Epic Misfire

Damsel starts with two men at a crossroads in the desert — one waiting for a stagecoach going west, one waiting for a stagecoach going east.

‘Isle of Dogs’ Shows Once Again Why Wes Anderson Is One of America’s Most...

Returning to the stop-motion animation that made 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' such a beloved hit, Wes Anderson’s latest film is a treat for dog and film-lovers alike.

Sundance 2018: ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ is an Introspective Unraveling of an Ordinary Woman’s Aspirations

'The Kindergarten Teacher' entreats us to see how close any one of us are to throwing away our hard-earned lives with one mistake.

Sundance 2018: ‘Mandy’ is a Half-serious, Half-bonkers Phantasmagorical Meditation on Love and Revenge.

For fans of horror and bizarro Nicholas Cage, the spellbinding carnage of 'Mandy' won’t disappoint in the least.

Sundance 2018: ‘Tully’ is a Perfect Theron Vehicle That Pays Tribute to the Strain...

What 'Tully' truly does well is mine the often grueling and thankless work that mothers do.