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Tom Watches Movies is Columnist and Film Critic Thomas O'Connor's twice-a-week odyssey through the world of cinema. A man of strange and varied tastes, you can never quite tell what he'll be watching next. The latest blockbuster? Something weird and obscure? Whatever it is, he'll have something to say about it.

The Mission

Tom Watches Movies: ‘The Mission’ Is The Great Unsung Hong Kong Action-Thriller

While it may not contain his most complex narrative, Johnnie To’s 1999 opus 'The Mission' is emblematic of all greatest strengths as a director.

‘Logan Lucky’ Puts A Southern Slant On The Heist Movie Formula

What better way for Steven Soderbergh to get back into the directing game than to return to a familiar genre with 'Logan Lucky'?
Blade of the Immortal

Fantasia 2017: ‘Blade of the Immortal’ is a Surprising Dud

'Blade of the Immortal' fails with its kitchen-sink approach.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Fantasia 2017: ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable’ Does Admirably Well Adapting the Bonkers...

Trying to explain Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure using words might be a lost cause, but let’s give it a shot anyway and see how far...
Junk Head

Fantasia 2017: ‘Junk Head’ Is Brilliant but Incomplete

Ultimately 'Junk Head' is the cinematic equivalent of a raw, uncut diamond.
Larry Cohen

Fantasia 2017: A Night in with Larry Cohen and ‘King Cohen’

This year, filmmaker Larry Cohen got his turn in the Fantasia spotlight, receiving his award before the world premiere of 'King Cohen.'

Fantasia 2017: Despite Adhering to Formula, ‘Confidential Assignment’ is Sure to Please

'Confidential Assignment' is a fun, engaging, buddy-cop action movie that hits all the bases with aplomb.
Final Master

Fantasia 2017: With ‘The Final Master,’ Xu Haofeng Continues to Dazzle

Back when it first aired at Fantasia in 2012, Xu Haofeng's first film, The Sword Identity, left audiences with an exciting feeling that they'd...
Ghost Story

Fantasia 2017: ‘A Ghost Story’ Doesn’t Have Enough Under its Sheet

Either you’ll spend the time enraptured at the audacity of 'A Ghost Story' or you’ll be bored and frustrated at its indulgence and tedium.

Days of High Adventure: ‘Yor, The Hunter from the Future’ is Pure B-Movie Heaven

'Yor', like its titular protagonist, towers above its fellows, a higher form of B-movie than most, maybe even all of its contemporaries.