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Best TV Shows 2018 (Top 15)

If only we had more time to be able to sit down and watch all the great TV shows that aired this year… Thankfully, we have a staff of over fifty writers worldwide that collectively are able to cover the best of the best. Of course, no list is perfect,...
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Best TV Shows 2018

Deciding the best TV shows of 2018 isn’t easy. It was a weird year for television in 2018. Without a signature event like a Game of Thrones season, or a major series finale, the scripted content industry spun out of control trying to strike gold. No longer are there four...
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Scrubs Still Can’t Find Its Rhythm with “My New Coat”

Randy Dankievitch
On paper, “My New Coat” is an easy episode of Scrubs to get excited about, being credited to the same writer/director combination behind season one’s “My Old Lady”. Immediately establishing itself as an episode about identity is even more promising – which makes it a major bummer when the episode mostly fails...