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Here is where you will find a roundup of our coverage about the best worst, and most confounding TV of the moment, sometimes taking the form of reviews, but just as often going deep on a broader topic.

Buffyversed #32: “I Only Have Eyes for You” Marks A Cathartic Hour of Emotional...

After "Passion" set S2 down the road toward it's inevitable end game, "I Only Have Eyes for You" finds a way to explore the themes surrounding Buffy and Angel's doomed union through the unique lens of a surprisingly emotional monster-of-the-week episode. 
march and scum wish

The Psychological Appeals of ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ and ‘Scum’s Wish’

Both March Comes in Like a Lion and Scum's Wish have the same psychological appeals that are accomplished in different ways.

5 Wholesome Anime That Will Leave You Smiling

It's October, which means Fall season anime are finally kicking into gear! You may be looking for a good show to relax with or...

Buffyversed #31: “Killed By Death” is a Genuinely Creepy Horror Tale

When it comes to a budget TV show that's over 20 years old, modern viewers could certainly be forgiven for thinking the scare factor doesn't really hold up. Heck, in a lot of cases they're right, but "Killed By Death" is not one of them. 

‘My Hero Academia’: The Superpower Of Being Flawless

When it comes to pure unadulterated fun, no anime hits the nail on the head quite like My Hero Academia.

Buffyversed #30: “Passion” Alters the Course of This Series Forever

Buffyversed is a week by week, episode by episode, re-exploration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Look for it every Friday on Goomba Stomp.  Up until now,...
Star Trek: Discovery

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Boldly Going Where Humanity Has Gone Before

Star Trek: Discovery uses modern-day political and cultural crises to illustrate a compelling storyline that will be familiar to us.

Buffyversed #29: “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” Lets Its Hair Down and Just Has Fun

If the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows us anything, it's a renewed sense of confidence in itself. Like its characters, Buffy is a hell of a lot more sure of itself in its second year. particularly as the season goes on. While "Halloween" showed that this show was more than willing to get silly for an episode, "Bewitched, Bewildered and Bothered" doubles down on that to glorious effect.

Tom Watches Movies: ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ Isn’t The DCAU Return You Might Have...

'Batman and Harley Quinn' doesn't hold a candle to the 90s show it's inspired by, but fans could do worse.

Buffyversed #28: “Phases” Adds Another Super Power to Buffy’s Justice League

When Buffy first assembled her squad of Scoobies, they were mostly there for moral support. They would help where they could but were ultimately not up to the task of dealing with most of the supernatural creatures that the slayer goes up against.