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It’s Two Steps Back, One Step Forward for BoJack Horseman in “INT. SUB”

Randy Dankievitch
“INT. SUB” presents itself as a fairly typical episode of BoJack Horseman, a completely capable, if indulgent, attempt to recreate the goofy chaos of earlier, less emotionally heavy seasons of the show. However, it’s placement in BoJack‘s uneven fifth season raises the stakes for the episode, which mostly uses its...
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The Best and Worst of Marvel’s Netflix Series

David Harris
Marvel’s Netflix series from best to worst When the Avengers aren’t fighting one another, corrupt sectors of the government, or industrial manufacturers, they are risking their lives to stop global threats. Armageddons, apocalypses, and world ending catastrophes are up their wheelhouse. But, what about the little guy? Dick and Jane...
TV Never Sleeps

“No Good Deed” Is Daredevil’s Hour of Reckoning

Randy Dankievitch
After Fisk’s explosive release from prison, all the cats are out of all of the bags in “No Good Deed”, a Daredevil episode with a impressive agenda. From the reveal of Dex’s emotional “support”, to Foggy’s disappointment with his new fancy lawyer lifestyle, “No Good Deed” is a series of introspective moments...
TV Never Sleeps

With “My Nightingale”, A Refocused Scrubs Shows Its Maturity

Randy Dankievitch
With the mess of “My Last Day” behind Scrubs, “My Nightingale” breathes fresh air into the young comedy; it’s a complete 180 from the awkward machinations of “My Overkill” in every sense of the word. Admittedly, some of this comes from simple things, like the introduction (or reappearance) of the...
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‘Lodge 49’ Captures and Avoids the Pitfalls of Complacency

Christopher Cross
Caught somewhere between the bumbling adventures of The Big Lebowski and the conspiracy-laden detective story of Inherent Vice, Lodge 49 is a show that feels substantially trapped in place. Characters search for their way through life only to immediately gravitate towards the safety of complacency. Unfortunately, it amounts to having a feeling of profound meaning...