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Here is where you will find a roundup of our coverage about the best worst, and most confounding TV of the moment, sometimes taking the form of reviews, but just as often going deep on a broader topic.

There’s A Seriously Dangerous Message at the Heart of ’13 Reasons Why’

It's only been two weeks since the hugely successful teen drama 13 Reasons Why has launched on Netflix's ubiquitous streaming service, and as more and more praise is heaped on it, I have to wonder how so many people are missing the problematic message that seems to permeate the entire series.

Sparks Turn to Fire On An Exhilarating Game of Thrones

As one of the shortest episodes in Game of Thrones' run, "The Spoils of War" has no choice but to be a more focused not-quite-50...

The new ‘Twin Peaks’ is beautiful, terrifying, hilarious, and frustrating

The new season feels as alien to the current TV landscape as the original series must have on ABC in 1990.

Saying Goodbye: 10 Essential ‘Girls’ Episodes

After six fantastic years, Girls is saying goodbye this month. With the series finale set to air on April 16th, it seems as good a time as any to look back on 10 of the HBO dramedy's very best episodes.

A Brief Primer for ‘Attack on Titan’

Attack on Titan just premiered its second season. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, we've got a quick capper on what the show is all about.

How Faithful Should Anime Be To Manga?

Should manga adaptations follow a pattern of perfect panel-for-panel replication, or adjust stories to fit a different format?

Look, You Really Should Be Watching ‘The Leftovers’

'The Leftovers' is a special show, one that, like those taken on October 14th (Departure Day) all those years ago, might just be too good for this world.

‘Twin Peaks’ is coming back – and the current TV discourse is its greatest...

Twin Peaks is coming back after 25 years off the air, and TV criticism is ill-prepared for it.

Is ‘Westworld’ the Ultimate Analog for Gaming?

Have you ever wished there was a place where you could indulge yourself in all of the baser instincts of your animal being, without...

A Guide to the Weird and Wonderful World of Current Archie Comics

With Riverdale premiering on the CW on Thursday, January 26, 2017, the Archie gang has potential to return to the forefront of pop culture.