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Here is where you will find a roundup of our coverage about the best worst, and most confounding TV of the moment, sometimes taking the form of reviews, but just as often going deep on a broader topic.


Saru is the Focal Point of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Saru, as First Officer, is in a position to go from prey to predator, how his character develops will influence the direction of the series as a whole.

‘Little Witch Academia’ Is Magically Charming

'Little Witch Academia' stands tall as an enjoyable way to get a healthy dose of magic.

Buffyversed #35: “Becoming, Pt. 2” is Buffy’s Finest Hour Yet

Well, after wading through a few clunkers ("Inca Mummy Girl", "Bad Eggs" and "Go Fish" come to mind), and a few classics ("Lie to Me", "Innocence" and "Passion" for example), we've finally come to the end of the line, with the second part of Buffy's season 2 finale: "Becoming." 

Buffyversed #34: “Becoming, Pt. 1” Sets the Stage for a Killer Finale

Well folks, season 2 has been a long and winding road, but here we are at last with the first part of "Becoming", Buffy the Vampire Slayer's two part finale for its sophomore season. 

Buffyversed #37: “Dead Man’s Party” Proves You Can’t Go Home Again

Though Buffy's return to her friends and family might seem like a bit of a relief, she's got a lot of things to deal with, and answer for, as well.

The pilot for ‘Miami Vice’ would forever change television

Miami Vice Season 1, Episode 1: “Brother’s Keeper” (Pilot) Directed by Thomas Carter Written by Anthony Yerkovich Original air date: Sept. 16, 1984 Hey, Tubbs…ever consider...

‘Mindhunter’ is Downright Incredible and the Next Great Netflix Drama

'Mindhunter' is something that will linger in your memory long after the credits roll.

‘Pokémon Generations’ Halfway Point Review

Pokémon has been celebrating its 20th anniversary in style all year long. New fan or old, casual trainer or competitive, gamer or trading card...

‘Bojack Horseman’ Season Four: Among the Best That Television Has to Offer

This is still among the best that television has to offer right now—it continues to experiment with form, sharpen its satirical blades and find deeper wells in which to throw down its characters only to have them climb back up more determined than ever.

‘A Flintstones Christmas Carol’

A Flintstones Christmas Carol is one of the last Hanna-Barbera television productions before the death of one of the creators William Hanna in 2001, and before H-B was absorbed into Warner Bros. Animation.