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Here is where you will find a roundup of our coverage about the best worst, and most confounding TV of the moment, sometimes taking the form of reviews, but just as often going deep on a broader topic.

‘J.T.’ – A tragic, poetic and improbably beautiful holiday special that is a must...

Produced for a Saturday morning children’s anthology on CBS, J.T. premiered to such rave reviews, the network scheduled it again a week later in a prime time slot.

‘Stranger Things’ was the summer hit we deserved

When future archaeologists dig up the remains of our global culture, Stranger Things, the Netflix original written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer,...

Game of Thrones’ Identity Crisis Comes To a Head As Fire and Ice Meet

There's a beautiful scene in "Beyond the Wall", where the Westerosi Band of Brothers wander aimlessly beyond the wall, and Game of Thrones takes the rare...

Saying Goodbye: 10 Essential ‘Girls’ Episodes

After six fantastic years, Girls is saying goodbye this month. With the series finale set to air on April 16th, it seems as good a time as any to look back on 10 of the HBO dramedy's very best episodes.

Breaking Up With ‘The Walking Dead’

Last Sunday, AMC finally aired the Season 7 premiere of its hugely popular series, The Walking Dead. For six long months, fans and casual viewers...

20 Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2017 We Just Need To Watch

With 2016 coming to a close we can't help but look towards the horizon, and one thing that has us very excited is the amount of television shows to look forward to. In 2016, there were (count em) 455 scripted shows on television which I’m assuming is a record breaker. Next year, that number is expected to pass well over the 500 mark, which, is absolutely insane.

A Brief Primer for ‘Attack on Titan’

Attack on Titan just premiered its second season. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, we've got a quick capper on what the show is all about.

‘Iron Fist’ is an Accidental Superhero Pastiche

'Iron Fist' has its problems as the weakest of Netflix's Marvel series, but it also has potential.

Mysteries of the Wall: Impressions of the ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Premiere

A look at the Season 2 premiere of 'Attack on Titan', and a few predictions about what to expect in the coming episodes.
American Gods Season 1 2017

‘American Gods’ finally arrives with a flashy, opaque premiere

For those who worship Bryan Fuller as the aesthetic god of the Peak TV era, the first episode of Starz's long-anticipated American Gods is a masturbatory...