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Here is where you will find a roundup of our coverage about the best worst, and most confounding TV of the moment, sometimes taking the form of reviews, but just as often going deep on a broader topic.


‘Legion’ Paves the Way for Strange, Surreal Comic Book Adaptations

'Legion' is not another overstuffed good guys vs. bad guys continuity porn superhero TV show, but will remind you of comic books that opened your mind to the fact that reality is not as it seems.

‘Luke Cage’ Season 1 Review – Power Man Drops the Ball

Warning: Major Spoilers Below! Marvel’s previous two Netflix exclusive series were highly acclaimed and extremely popular, meaning that their newest, Luke Cage, had a lot going for...

‘The Americans’ vs. Russia-phobia

FX Networks isn’t above capitalizing on Russia fever to The Americans’ benefit. In the week prior to the series’ fifth-season premiere, they took out ads in the digital edition of the New York Times that briefly translated the front page to Russian.

Buffyversed #5: “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date” Gets Back to the...

Phew, no bug guts this week folks. In fact, we're on to one of the better episodes on offer for season 1, and that is, of course, "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"!

Buffyversed #16: “Inca Mummy Girl” Provides Another Reason to Stay Single

It's sort of a running joke that almost everyone Xander ends up dating on this show is a monster of some kind, and "Inca Mummy Girl" is one of the early examples that proves the rule.

15 Years Later, ‘The Wire’s’ Genre Filmmaking is Still Unmatched (Part 4)

Those who lauded The Wire for its strict realism over four seasons often dismissed more adventurous turns on the show, as evidenced by the genre influences we've seen.

Buffyversed #2: “The Harvest” Ups the Stakes Considerably

Last week we may have talked about "The Harvest" but this week it's here!

Traditions and Empires Begin to Crumble When Winter Takes Hold of ‘Game of Thrones’

In the simplest biological sense, winter is a time for nature and evolution to pause. As water turns to ice, everything underneath it becomes preserved; bacteria, viruses, animals, and artifacts are all preserved under the frozen tundras, stationary and quiet until the catalyst of growth, the heat of energy, deconstructs them from the ice, to be admired, examined - or simply tossed aside.

25 Days of Christmas: ‘The Christmas Raccoons’

The Christmas Raccoons (1980) Directors: Kevin Gillis and Paul Schibli Writer: Juliet Packer What’s it about? The Christmas Raccoons (a Canadian animated television series) is the first of...
American Gods Season 1 2017

‘American Gods’ finally arrives with a flashy, opaque premiere

For those who worship Bryan Fuller as the aesthetic god of the Peak TV era, the first episode of Starz's long-anticipated American Gods is a masturbatory...