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‘The Post’ is the Type of Old-Fashioned Storytelling That Should Never Go Out of...

'The Post' offers old-fashioned storytelling that may not reflect the times, but certainly scoops it.
Daniel Day-Lewis & Vicky Krieps in "Phantom Thread"

Paul Thomas Anderson Channels Hitchcock in the Exquisite ‘Phantom Thread’

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Phantom Thread.'

2017: Looking Back at Some of Goomba Stomp’s Best TV/Film Articles

2017 brought many changes to Goomba Stomp, but perhaps the biggest was the addition of Sordid Cinema, our film and TV section. Many of...

The Best Movies of 2017

The Goomba Stomp/Sordid Cinema crew puts together their list of the best movies of 2017.

The 35 Best TV Shows of 2017 (Part 2)

With nearly 500 scripted series available to watch in 2017, television officially exited the Peak TV era, nestling firmly into its new identity, which we semi-affectionately refer to as the Most TV generation of television.

The 35 Best TV Shows of 2017 (Part 1)

After thousands of hours of cumulative consumption, here is Goomba Stomp's definitive list of the Best TV of 2017.
Daniel Day Lewis & Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood

10 Years Later: Paul Thomas Anderson Finally Kills His Idols in ‘There Will Be...

'There Will Be Blood' marks a change in Paul Thomas Anderson's filmmaking that coincides with the death of one of his inspirations, Robert Altman.

‘The Last Jedi’ Blasts Star Wars Reverence into Meaningless, Fun Space Bits

Disney has essentially turned Star Wars into a Marvel movie, but it's still decent fun.

Wait… Was 2017 The Best Year for Superhero Movies of All Time?

After putting numerous films through an air-tight mathematical formula, we've ranked the best years of the 21st century for the superhero genre. It's science!
Timothée Chalamet & Armie Hammer in "Call Me by Your Name"

‘Call Me by Your Name’ Is a Rapturous Celebration of First Love

'Call Me by Your Name' is a tender and sweet depiction of a budding romance.