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I want to write for Goomba Stomp and Sordid Cinema. Who do I contact?

We are always looking for talented writers to join our team and help us produce opinion pieces, columns, features and reviews on video games, anime, TV, and Film. If you are passionate about writing, this is an excellent opportunity to become involved in one of the fastest-growing independent pop-culture websites. Simply email Ricky at Editor@GoombaStomp with some writing samples.

For further information, please refer to our Contribute page.

I want to advertise on Goomba Stomp. Who do I contact?

Sorry, but Playwire handles our advertising.

Where should I send my press release?

For film, DVD, TV, and comic book-related releases, contact Ricky D Fernandes at

For Game-related queries, contact Kartina Lind at

Please note:

We prefer not to receive unsolicited review copies.

We do not accept guest posts and any emails about them will automatically be filtered to spam.

Freelance Film Writers

Goomba Stomp is the joint effort of a team of like-minded writers from across the globe. We provide smart readers with sharp, entertaining writing on a wide range of topics in pop culture, offering an escape from the usual hype and gossip. We are currently looking for Film, TV, Anime and Comic writers.

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