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‘Dear White People’ Trailer Adds “Trigger Warning” Following Criticism

The new, full length trailer for Netflix’s new upcoming original series Dear White People has been released and now opens with a “trigger warning” of sorts, as it uses a quote from Variety saying the show is “Meant for both black and white audiences, and every other color imaginable.”

For the viewers who are unaware of the controversial history with the show and the movie it’s based on, it may look strange to have this start off the trailer, however this is a great response to all of the critics who sent degrading and racist messages to the show’s creator Justin Simien following its announcement.

Dear White People is a show with a satirical perspective following the everyday lives of the prestigious, elite and tremendously white people that make up the student body of an Ivy League college, who become targeted by an intelligent and opinionated black woman named Sam.

After the reaction the first trailer for the show received, Simien posted a genuine, heartfelt essay on Medium, where he acknowledged his critics and attempted to explain why it was so important for him to continue creating the story for Dear White People. Ultimately it was a moot point, as Simien continued to receive an onslaught of abusive messages on a daily basis.

“About an hour earlier, en route to this interrogation I spent the car ride over scrolling through twitter, pausing momentarily at mentions from users I’d never met and whose faces were absent from their avatars. Being called a nigger and a race baiter by strangers on twitter was still infrequent at this point, but frankly it’s the kind of thing where once is more than enough. ‘You DO realize your last name means MONKEY right??’ Still stung. Even after the half a dozen times I’d read similar tweets and variations thereof.”

This new trailer provides a more comprehensive look at where Simien wants to take this show and the kind of comedy that he wants to inject into it. For anyone who may be interested in the upcoming series, you can watch the film version of Dear White People which is currently streaming on Netflix.

All of the episodes for the Dear White People original series will be released on Netflix on April 28, 2017.

Jayden Hausfeld is an aspiring Pop-culture/Video game journalist from Australia. When he isn’t studying for his Bachelor degree in Journalism or fighting off all the animals that could kill him, he’s generally playing video games or binge watching Netflix shows which take up the rest of his free time.


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