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‘Destiny 2’: Rejected Concept Art

Some big news in the Destiny community recently is the emergence of some rejected concept art for Destiny 2, coming 2017. This process is where Bungie commission artists to pitch concept art for the upcoming game, including certain criteria which developers are wanting the game to be based around.

The rejected artwork would otherwise go unseen by the community, but since its emergence, the artist has removed the images from their portfolio and the images are linked to the company which makes all of the trailers for Destiny. This leads us to speculate, Bungie may not have wanted these images to circulate due to their possible accuracy about features which will be in Destiny 2. Let us take a look at some of the images.


titanwarlockThese images are fascinating indeed. It takes an ember like theme filled with smoke and flames. Depicting a solar based class for each character, hunters carrying a spear, titans a shield, and warlocks a sword with angel wings. We would believe these weapons to be the supers for each class, sparking that barebones melee style, with some powerful effects thrown in. The titan shield looks the most appealing, possibly working to protect and cause devastating damage.

Again, these concepts were rejected for Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t slightly accurate to what will be in the game. The community is only left to speculate for the moment, let us know what you think about the art down below!…


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