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‘Destiny’: The Gjallarwing Sparrow

If you were one of the guardians who tuned into Bungie’s July stream for the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion then you will have seen the epic reveal of the Gjallarwing Sparrow! For those of you unfamiliar with sparrows in Destiny they are essentially vehicles, which look very cool indeed and come Rise of Iron, the Gjallarwing sparrow could be the coolest of them all…


As you can tell from the name, the Gjallarwing is related to its rocket launcher counterpart, the Gjallarhorn, which is making a historic comeback with this new expansion. As for some details about the Gjallarwing, it will be included in a quest within the Rise of Iron expansion and will require guardians to assemble it. However, for those of you wanting to pre-order the expansion, you will receive an Iron Gjallarwing as a pre-order bonus, which will be the same sparrow, but with a smooth black and chrome paint job.

All in all, you will receive the sparrow regardless of whether you pre-order or not, however the version you receive will differ. We are very excited to get our hands on the Gjallarwing and glide across the Cosmodrome in style. Tell us what you think down below!

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