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‘Enter The Gungeon’ Says Farewell In Its Final Update

Dodge Roll Games, the developers of the beloved indie bullet hell rogue-like Enter The Gungeon have released their third and final update to the game titled ‘A Farewell To Arms.’ This is a fitting send-off for the difficult twin-stick shooter, which debuted just three years ago to the day. As with the previous updates to the game, this one is free for anyone who owns the game.

A Farewell To Arms includes a host of new features including: two new unlockable Gungeoneers, a ton of new guns (including one that shoots Tetrominos at enemies), new items and synergies, a new secret floor with a new boss to encounter, a new Beholster shrine, unlockable alternate art for starting weapons, and a new mode called Rainbow Mode, which was inspired by the community. Oh, and you can finally pet that dog.

A Farewell To Arms
Bowler is a new NPC that gives you access to Rainbow Runs as part of the new game mode.

For the first time since Enter The Gungeon launched, there are new characters to unlock and play. One of the new playable characters is named Paradox, the result of the player killing the past so many times. Paradox begins each run with a random starter gun, a random secondary gun, and a random item. The second character you’ll be able to unlock is The Gunslinger, who bears a striking resemblance to one of the game’s secret bosses, The Lich.

The new game mode available in A Farewell To Arms is called Rainbow Mode. This is a challenging mode reserved for only the bravest Gungeoneers. You’ll start each run with access to a rainbow chest that spawns on each floor. The twist is that you’ll only be able to select one of these items, and no other chests will be available on that floor. Items in the shop are still available, but limited to just the essentials like hearts, keys, ammo, and blanks.

This final update for Enter The Gungeon is available on all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. To celebrate the release of A Farewell To Arms, publisher Devolver Digital is running a sale, and Enter The Gungeon is 50% off for a limited time on all platforms, so there’s no better time to jump into the fray!

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