The Fire Keepers: A Dark Souls Podcast — Ep. 9: Sad Dragon Genocide

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March 7, 2018
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March 8, 2018

At long last we are over the sizable hump of Demon’s Souls and are ready to begin our Dark Souls playthrough!

We start things off this week by discussing the opening lore of Dark Souls before tackling our character builds, the escape from the Undead Asylum and the journey to the Undead Burg.

Before that, however, we open things up by chatting a bit about what else we’ve been playing, including Seasons After FallKingdom Come Deliverance, and Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition.

Thanks to MenasLG for providing our artwork, and thanks to BenSound for providing our theme music.

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Mike Worby is a human who spends way too much of his free time playing, writing and podcasting about pop culture. Through some miracle he’s still able to function in society as if he were a regular person, and if there’s hope for him, there’s hope for everyone. He’s the managing Games editor for Goomba Stomp, and the host of the Fire Keepers podcast.


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