Game Boys, Ep. 56: Cutting Each Other

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March 13, 2017
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March 14, 2017


This week, the Game Boys are talking about their first cooperative Nintendo Switch experience with the charming Snipperclips.  Does the game sell the concept of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers?  Also in this episode, Tim and Ryan spend a bit of time talking about time-consuming games Destiny and Dungeons & Dragons.  Hooray super fun nerd time!

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Game Boys is a podcast dedicated entirely to co-op gaming. Its regular hosts, Tim and Ryan, have been gaming together for roughly eighteen years, and have dedicated countless hours to finding the best cooperative games of all varieties, whether in person “couch” co-op games, online only, or anything in between.

  • Ricky D says:

    Wait Ryan, I agree that the more you play BOTW, the less special it feels but you put in over 100 hours. I’m sure if you put in 100 hours into any other game it would eventually be less special to you as well.

  • Ricky D says:

    How is this the first time in your life you’ve played Dungeons and Dragons? Say what?

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