After a long period of radio silence, a new teaser trailer and updated information has been revealed for Wattam, the newest off-the-wall addition to Keita Takahashi‘s (creator of Katamari and Noby Noby Boy) already zany repertoire.

The title is being developed by indie game studio, Funomena, and distributed by Annapurna Interactive.

Originally announced as a PlayStation 4-exclusive back in late-2014, the game has now dropped its exclusivity and is slated for a 2018 release for PC and “other consoles”. Much like Takahashi’s other brainchilds, the game involves interactivity and puzzle-solving in a unique and weird way.

You play as The Mayor, who (according to Annapurna Interactive), “invites you to explore the colorful world of Wattam and bond with over 100 unique and carefree characters.”

Describing the more gameplay-centric elements of Wattam: “the connections you form open a treasure chest of possibilities – playing, switching, stacking, climbing, chasing, floating, exploding and/or dancing all in the name of fun.”

The game looks to be a return to form for Takahashi, and this announcement has killed any doubts regarding the current existence of the game. Given Takahashi’s penchant for unique and thoughtful experiences and goals with his projects, and his insistence on originality, the game looks just as exciting (if not more) than it did back in 2014.

Additionally, the game is set have a playable demo at PAX West.

Personally, I was starting to get very scared that the game had been silently canned as news about it became almost non-existent the past two years or so, being as Takahashi’s works are among my very favorites. Not only is the re-reveal great news, the prospect of it being on PC and consoles other than PS4 (like Nintendo Switch, which sounds beyond amazing), is like Christmas come early. Unless the game comes out during Christmas 2018, in which case, it would be just in time for Christmas.


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