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Kojima Reveals More on ‘Death Stranding’

Kojima has released more information on the upcoming game Death Stranding.

As we already know very little from the ominous teaser trailer at this year’s Sony conference at E3, any information on the game will reveal a lot about it.

It has now been said that the game will ‘feature’ a multiplayer element whether or not this is also suggesting a solo campaign we cannot be sure.

Death Stranding has also been notably compared to the new Metal Gear Solid on more than one occasion, this most recent comparison being the map. Kojima plans for the game to be an open world “with a degree of freedom”. Which sends a worrying thought that the game may be narrative driven and the lack of “freedom” suggests the limited roaming you can do, but only time will tell.

Kojima and Reedus during the Death Stranding trailer production

Still very little narrative has been revealed. Kojima hasn’t so much told us the story as he has just ‘defined’ the title choice. “(Death Stranding) refers to something in another world stranded in our world.” He has said, but this still reveals very little as what we saw in the trailer didn’t look very much like “our world”.

Finally, the reasoning behind Reedus’ lead role in the game finally came to light. Was it a cryptic reference to The Walking Dead? Was his famous character ‘Daryl Dixon’ a perfect representation of the role Kojima needed? Is Kojima simply a big Lady Gaga fan and in an attempt to re-enact her Judas music video, he ended up making Death Stranding? All very likely, unfortunately it’s a little less overwhelming. For Reedus it was merely a case of right place-right time as he met Kojima during the productions of Konami’s new project (now canceled) Silent Hill of which Reedus was supposed to feature in.

It still begs the question why Kojima is still playing his cards so close to his chest? Everyone is already hanging on to every word waiting for just a little hint of what this game could be and there hasn’t even been a discussion of a release date. There is only one thing we know for sure, it’s another PS4 exclusive!

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