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Legendary Composer Hip Tanaka Releases First Solo Album

Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka is a living legend and chances are, if you are reading this website, you know who he is. For the unfamiliar, the Japanese musician, composer and sound designer, pioneered chiptune music in the early 80’s and his soundtrack credits include Metroid (1986), Kid Icarus (1986), Super Mario Land (1989), Tetris (1989), Mother (1989), Dr. Mario (1990), and EarthBound (1994), to name just a few.

Despite working on hundreds of video games, Tanaka has never released a solo album – until now. Thirty-seven years later, Nintendo’s famous in-house composer now has an album out titled Django, that anyone can purchase on iTunes.

Check out the video sample below, and his insanely long list of credits composing music for some of our favourite video games.

via GameInformer


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