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The Lodgers | A Twin Peaks Podcast, Episode 14: “Fire Walk With Me”

New episodes of Twin Peaks land this Sunday (holy balls!), and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to revisit Fire Walk With Me, Lynch’s divisive, brutal film chronicling the final days of Laura Palmer. Author and critic Adam Nayman joins Kate and Simon to talk about the film’s critical rehabilitation, its wacky prologue, its impact on the Twin Peaks world at large, Sheryl Lee’s remarkable performance, and to take potshots at other filmmakers for kicks.

You can (and should) order Adam’s books here!

Also, for the curious, Simon wrote a thing about the new season and its reception here.

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Simon is a roving writer and editor who has been crawling slowly Westward across Canada for the last decade. (He currently resides in Toronto.) He obtained a BFA in Film Studies from Concordia University in the spring of 2012 and a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing from Algonquin College in 2015. He is a former co-host of the Televerse podcast. His favorite films include F for Fake, Brazil, Stroszek, The Fog of War, Grave of the Fireflies and In a Lonely Place. He can be found on Twitter (mostly yelling about far-left politics, ye been warned) at @hollowmines.

  • RyojiKajiLynch says:

    I love you guys so much. Thank you for returning (much like Twin Peaks it’s self). This podcast has been a gift in dark and troubling times. I can’t wait for your next episode. Twin Peaks Returns has been four hours of unrepentant lynchien madness so far and I loved every minute of it. There’s more Inland Empire here than I could have hoped for. I could listen to you two talk David Lynch until the end of time.
    Thank you so much.

    • Simon Howell says:

      Thanks! We appreciate the support. You can expect a fairly epic ‘cast on the first four sometime this weekend.

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