The second trailer has been released for Universal Pictures upcoming film Atomic Blonde, starring Charlize Theron, and the best thing that has everyone talking about this trailer is its use of music cues during the trailers action sequences.

This trailer features songs from the band New Order and a mashup of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” with Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead”, called “Personal Yeezus” by Chambaland, a.k.a. Dan Chamberlain, back in 2013. The use of music in trailers isn’t anything new, but what the editors for the Atomic Blonde trailers have done, is use the different musical cues in the songs to create a storyboard for trailer.

Every punch, kick, and gunshot that is shown is linked to the changing cues of the different songs. From as simple as a change in the songs beat, to a song fading out, the trailer processes these cues as a way to tell a small story of Theron’s character.

Atomic Blonde’s director David Leitch has utilized this method before with another film called John Wick, wich Leitch co-directed. In the nightclub scene where John Wick goes through killing everyone, is set to a very specific background song. Every action he takes is synced up perfectly with the song, and Leitch seems to be employing that in Atomic Blonde as well.

Although trailers are a piece of advertising they’ve become almost like their own short films within themselves, as they create hype for a film while at the same time, also providing the viewer with an entertaining video for free.

Atomic Blonde made its original debut at the South by Southwest film festival in March, and also stars James McAvoy, John Goodman, Toby Jones, Sofia Boutella, Til Schweiger, and Eddie Marsan. The film is set for release in theatres on July 28, 2017.

Watch the trailer below, and if you can’t get that awesome Chambaland mashup out of your head, you can download it from his site here.

Jayden Hausfeld is an aspiring Pop-culture/Video game journalist from Australia. When he isn’t studying for his Bachelor degree in Journalism or fighting off all the animals that could kill him, he’s generally playing video games or binge watching Netflix shows which take up the rest of his free time.

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