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Nintendo Weekly News Round-Up: Nintendo Tops Amazon’s Best-Selling, Discounts, and New Releases List Its 2018 Top Sellers

2018 was a great year for Nintendo, if Black Friday’s sales were any indication. The Switch performed successfully, once again, this year. Moreover, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was destined to be a selling point from the get-go to hardcore fans and newcomers alike. The wide variety of characters, new modes, and refined gameplay, helped to create one of the best Smash experiences thus far.

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The one to rule them all?

This was all further proven by, who had posted their best-selling gaming products for 2018. To little surprise, Super Smash Bros. did top the list, followed closely by some Sony products, as well as Switch products. According to Gadgets 360, if ordered only by the games and consoles themselves, the 15 top-selling are as follows:

This would mean that nine of the fifteen top-selling gaming games/consoles are coming at us from Nintendo. To that, I can only say: Congratulations!

Of course, as Gadgets 360 points out, this is still only coming from Amazon, and not including digital sales, among other sales. This would mean that, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2 may be somewhat higher on this list if it weren’t exclusive to Amazon.

In the meantime, let’s hope Nintendo’s streak continues. Many believe it will, with a new Pokémon game on the way, as well as others, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Nintendo Mario Kart
So many discounts, so little time.

Nintendo Kicks Off New Year With Bevy Of Discounts

It’s not often that Nintendo offers generous discounts on the eShop, but for a brief time, Nintendo is changing its ways. Currently, the eShop is offering discounts on Switch and 3DS games, including popular releases. For example, one can now get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $41.99 USD on the eShop.

Other popular discounted titles include Splatoon 2, also running at $41.99 USD, as well as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gold Edition, which can be purchased at $26.39 USD. LEGO Harry Potter Collection can also be purchased for $24.99 USD right now, instead of the regular $49.99 USD.

While we’re all, no doubt, still clamoring for larger discounts at some point, it’s nice to see Nintendo showing some Steam-esque qualities. You can find more discounted games here.

Pang Adventures
Pang Adventures in action!

New Releases

The past week has been fairly low-key in terms of new releases. Mostly, they mainly involve the likes of indie. titles. January 3rd was an especially busy day in terms of releases, as titles such as Puzzle game Unicornicopia were released on January 3rd for a price of $4.99 USD. Additionally, Pang Adventures was released on Switch for $9.99 USD, a game with lots of action and great for local co-operative play.

Also released the same day on Switch is fighting game ACA NEOGEO RAGNAGARD which you can purchase for $7.99 USD on the eShop. As usual, you can always find these games and more on the Nintendo Game Store, as well as their eShop.

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