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Nintendo Weekly News Round-Up: Smash Bros. Direction, Copyright Protection, and Russian Investigations

Revealing Concept Art Shows Link As We’ve Never Seen Him Before

Right out of the gate, Nintendo Life reports that one Reddit user by the username of Owlero shared a photo with a naked Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The photo has been making the rounds on Reddit and, now, elsewhere, due to its perverse nature.

While disturbing, the photo originates from an art book titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion Hero’s Edition, which shows off this art and more. As seen in the photo, the development team made very thorough notes and observations as they relate to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So while this might seem disturbing, and still is to some degree, it should be kept in mind that Nintendo was in on the project 100% from the beginning.

If only that were demonstrated by a different picture…

From Russia Without Love

Nintendo Russia

Following a gruesome event detailed in last week’s weekly Nintendo news round-up, the General Manager of Nintendo Russia, Yasha Haddaji, is now under investigation for his display of aggression and overall misconduct in a livestream which ran a while ago. He seemed to have caught the attention of Nintendo, as addressed in their official statement from Eurogamer. Nintendo stated the following:

“We are aware of a video uploaded to YouTube recently in which Nintendo Russia’s General Manager, Yasha Haddaji, is seen losing his temper during an altercation with an external vendor in charge of a Mario Kart livestream. Mr Haddaji’s conduct and choice of words are most certainly not in line with our company values.”

Nintendo adds: “We are also aware of further allegations that have appeared in the wake of this video and are now running a thorough investigation. We take these matters extremely seriously and will not comment further while we are running our investigation.”

For the time being, Haddaji will continue to head Nintendo Russia. However, if there’s one big takeaway here, it’s that Nintendo expects the best from its representatives, and Haddaji hasn’t exactly seen that through, if this investigation is any indication.

Nintendo Loves Its Copyrights


If there’s one thing fans know about Nintendo, it’s that the company is very passionate about its intellectual properties. It is so much this way that Nintendo has, in the past, been known to shut down fan games. In the end, they are in control of these properties, regardless.

Nintendo Life reports that, in order to stress this, Nintendo publicly gave the  Durian Bureau of the Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzhen Municipality a plaque for their strong protection of Nintendo’s various intellectual properties. The Shenzhen Bureau was very proud of this, displaying it on an image on Twitter.

Something worth noting in their Tweet is the text reading that the bureau assures “that the local government will strengthen copyright protection and create an environment that respects intellectual property and encourages innovation..” While it might seem annoying to us fans, at times, that Nintendo isn’t afraid to take down fan projects, the Shenzhen Bureau makes a good point that protection of copyright assures entrepreneurs that their original concepts and ideas cannot be exploited or manipulated for others’ personal gain.

Super Smash Bros. Character-Choosing Process

Super Smash Bros.

The process of choosing characters for each Smash Bros. game is not a simple one. Game Informer recently conducted an interview with director Masahiro Sakurai, in which he, among other things, discussed the process of choosing characters for each Smash Bros. game. He stated the following:

“It is a project after all, so we take into consideration things like labor, man-hours, the time in which the title will be sold. We decide on the fighters from the very early planning stage, and from there, we calculate and begin production. We don’t add or remove any characters during the project.” Masahiro added that he and his team also “do things like base our consideration on the results of the Smash ballot, and also balance things out so that there’s a difference in the types of fighters.”

When asked about attention to detail for each character, Masahiro stated that “being knowledgeable to an extent about each character is a must. There are also times where the staff go deep into the original work and add even better elements.”

Well, another tally mark goes to Nintendo for their meticulous development process. One would almost say they deserve an award.

Exclusivity Is The Key

wii fit

Nintendo officially holds all of the top ten slots regarding best-selling exclusives. IGN reports that NPD analyst Mat Piscatella revealed that, on the list of best-selling exclusives since 1995 and until September 2018, those in the top ten were all Nintendo exclusives, with two being on the Nintendo DS, seven on the Nintendo Wii, and one on the Nintendo 64.

The list, as IGN presents, is as follows:

So there you have it, Nintendo has seen some mighty commercial success in the past 23 years. Sony and Microsoft, it seems, have yet to nail a superior formula of brand exclusivity. Until they catch up, we’ll always have Mario!

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