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Nintendo Weekly News Round-Up: Switch Is America’s Fastest-Selling Current-Generation Console

Switching To Number One

It is now official that the Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling console of this generation since March 2017 until November 2018 alone. As Business Wire reports, it has since sold above 8.7 million units, going strong, which exceeds that of the quantity sold of units of the other two major consoles in the market by the same point in their lifespans.

Not only that, but Business Wire indicates that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the fastest-selling game in its series, has sold over 3 million units in slightly above 11 days. Moreover, Business Wire provides additional statistics regarding Nintendo Switch and its hardware and software sales. This includes the fact that sales on the Nintendo eShop had grown by 105 percent in the year of 2017. As well, this includes that “Nintendo hardware unit and dollar sales for 2018 are at their highest annual totals since 2011.”

This is great news for Nintendo! While they may ultimately not hit their own projected mark, Nintendo can rest on its laurels for now and enjoy its successes in 2018.

Nintendo Sued For Harsh Refund Policies

The countries of Germany and Norway are not happy with Nintendo’s well-documented refund policies. There’s really only one policy: No refunds. Although that is a simplified version of the policy, that’s the idea. All sales are final, pre-order or otherwise. Of course applicable internationally, the German Consumer Protection Authority is now suing Nintendo for their practices.

Engadget reports on the incident, citing the Norwegian Consumer Council’s open letter, which reads the following:

“According to the right of withdrawal laid down in the Consumer Rights Directive, such terms are illegal. Until the game can be downloaded and launched, the seller cannot prohibit the consumer from cancelling their pre-order.”

While litigation in this instance is up for debate, Nintendo does have some very strict refund policies in comparison to its competitors. Sony and Microsoft both allow refunds to some capacity, notably on pre-orders, and Steam has an extremely lenient refund policy in that, within a certain amount of time, even if you’ve played the game, you can get a refund for it. These practices are certainly questionable, and everyone will surely be watching until the litigation’s outcome.

Game Freak Reveals Original First-Gen Pokémon Designs

Spoiler alert: It’s weird. Game Informer reports, in a broadcast by NHK TV, a Japanese TV network, some of Game Freak’s original Pokémon designs were shown. During the broadcast, Game Freak sent the images over. The images can be seen here.

These images are in-progress versions of the pocket monsters, but they are fascinating to look at. This is not only for the fact that we see them as looking differently, but they are also hand-drawn.

In any case, it is pretty bizarre to see old fan favorites like Charizard and Pikachu in their original drafts, given we’ve come to recognize them in different ways. Furthermore, let us know what you think of the designs!

Nintendo To Discontinue Production Of The Classic’s

Nintendo’s successful releases of the NES Classic and SNES Classic will shortly be coming to an end. According to The Verge, the holidays will see out production of the two successful throwback console releases. After the holidays, these consoles will no longer be stocked.

There might be some hope that they’ll come back, as this was also an issue with the NES Classic. These had run out of stock as well, but they eventually made a successful comeback. Fortunately, the SNES Classic did not have this issue, and it certainly had a successful run as well.

Should you still want to buy either of them, they are, or will be, in stock for the moment. The NES Classic on Amazon will shortly be in stock, and it is definitely possible to find them at local retailers such as Target and Game Stop. The same goes for the SNES Classic, which should be in stock on Amazon soon as well. Get them while you can, folks!

This Week’s Releases

While there won’t be any major first-party releases until New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in early January, the past week did see several releases on the eShop. This would include Firewatch, a prior hit on PC and consoles, selling at $19.99 USD.

Additionally, you can now find indie games like Cake Laboratory and Venture Towns on the eShop, selling at $2.99 and $12.00 USD, respectively. As always, you can see these and more on the Nintendo Game Store.

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