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Nintendo Switch Lite


Nintendo Weekly Roundup: Lite, Camera, Action!

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced

After many instances of leaks over several weeks’ time, Nintendo has finally unveiled the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch Lite. As many suspected, it has most of the features that have been foreshadowed for that time.

Billed as a smaller, handheld-centric version of the console, the Nintendo Switch Lite comes in two standard variants so far, those being turquoise and yellow. As suggested by previous image leaks, the Switch does not have detachable Joy-Cons and isn’t made with the dock in mind and cannot be used with the dock. The Switch Lite is primarily a handheld device.

This also means that some aspects have been eliminated from the original Switch model, including the HD Rumble functionality and the IR Motion Camera. However, the Nintendo Switch otherwise looks to preserve the core features that provide the hours of entertainment to be had with Switch software.


Nintendo is proceeding to move production out of China

The trade conflict between the U.S. and China has been a large upset to many companies and corporations, as was exemplified by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony’s joint letter to President Trump explaining the potential effects of a trade war. President Trump’s administration has temporarily eased up on tariffs, but companies are taking action, regardless.

Nintendo, for instance, is now moving at least some of its hardware production out of China and into Vietnam. One Nintendo representative said that the process would begin this summer and was a way of “diversifying risks,” instead of avoiding the tariffs’ effects altogether.

Hopefully, this measure by Nintendo is merely a sign of intelligent maneuvering and not a sign of major financial impacts. In either case, Nintendo seems to be preparing for the latter, despite the temporary halt on tariffs.

Source: Business Insider

Nintendo Switch rewind featureNintendo Switch Online adding rewind feature

NES games have been one of the primary perks of Nintendo Switch Online for a while now, but one thing it has lacked thus far is a rewind feature, which has been present in other retro re-releases. That has finally changed, and gamers are now capable of using an added rewind feature to now beat Ninja Gaiden without too much trouble.

Coming to Switch owners July 17, the rewind features allows players to pause the game at any given moment pressing ZR and ZL simultaneously. This brings up a row of frames that display moments during gameplay before the point of failure. You can simply select at which moment you’d like to begin and you can now save yourself from death by Piranha Plant.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are bound to show massive support for this feature. Retro games can be very tough. With little to no save points, the need for a rewind feature is much greater in an 8-bit game than in many games of the modern day, which give out checkpoints liberally. Plus, given the streamlined nature of this mechanic, this is a feature that is sure to win over many Nintendo fans.

Source: The Verge

Nintendo 64 Nike Shoes

Nike Releases N64-themed shoes

It’s official: the 90’s are back. This time, the revelation comes in the form of shoes being released jointly by Nike and Nintendo.

The above image displays the joint release. The design is actually fairly subtle compared to what could be. Instead of going for a straightforward approach of adding a Nintendo 64 logo to a pair of shoes, Nike has taken the color palette of the standard Nintendo 64 controller and has used that for the design of the shoes.

For reference, the standard Nintendo 64 controller, which has not withstood the test of time as well as other controllers, had a gray body with blue, green, and red face buttons. The one missing element here is the color yellow, which was the color of the C buttons.

Overall this is a unique and endearing design. The shoes are said to cost $160, though by some sources, it may cost $170, so they are not incredibly budget-efficient. However, they are the latest item to have if you long for the days of the Nintendo 64.

Source: Forbes

Dr. Mario WorldThis Week’s Releases

Dr. Mario World was released this week. The first Dr. Mario game on mobile devices, Dr. Mario World is free and plays very akin to Candy Crush Saga and less like previous Dr. Mario entries. However, if you’ve had a desire for some Dr. Mario action, Dr. Mario World is the game to get.

GOD EATER 3 was released today for Nintendo Switch. At $59.99 USD, GOD EATER 3 is a stylish action game that seems as if it will appease fans of the likes of Bayonetta and other games. Buy it soon if you are also an avid anime fan.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 was released today for the Switch as well. Priced at $59.99 USD, the game is a rendition in the long-running Dragon Quest series that involves crafting, building, and battling. The game contains multiplayer, both local and online, giving players greater options for their enemy-slaying mayhem.

As always, you can find these and more on the Nintendo Game Store.

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