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Nintendo Weekly Roundup: Nintendo Explores VR

Jason Voorhees Heads To Nintendo Switch

News broke earlier this week that Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch this Spring. Originally released in 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, the Switch iteration will come in the form of Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Switch Edition. 

According to Variety, the game will come packed with every DLC released so far, including all the Jason Kill Packs and Counselor Clothing Packs, as well as the Emote Party Pack. Regarding the game’s release, Daniel Nixon, Director of Communications at Gun Media told Variety the following:

“We’re happy to be bringing ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ to the Nintendo Switch with the help of our partners at Black Tower and Nighthawk. The Nintendo Switch offers a unique experience, in both social settings and on the go, that we feel work very well with ‘Friday the 13th: The Game.”

This is great news to hear, as fans got sad news last year that the developers were embroiled in a legal battle with the original movies’ screenwriter, Victor Miller, over the rights to the films’ characters. Thus, the fact that we’re getting a new release altogether with a Switch version.

Nintendo Reveals VR Headset For Nintendo Switch

In its line of Labo accessories, Nintendo announced a new virtual reality headset for Nintendo Switch, to be released in April. Running at $80, the newly-revealed Labo device works in tandem with the Switch console itself to become a makeshift VR headset. According to The Verge, the product will come with six different VR setups to choose from, including conventional goggles, a blaster gun, an elephant, and a camera. It includes a safety cap as well.

A starter kit version of the product which includes only the blaster and goggles will be available at $39.99 for those seeking the gist of VR for Nintendo Switch. Accessories not found in this kit can be purchased at a later time for $20 each.

Doug Bowser, the soon-to-be president of Nintendo of America, said of the product: “We wanted to design an experience that encourages both virtual and real-world interactions among players through passing around Toy-Con creations.”

This is a pretty unique idea. Seemingly, Nintendo is combining one of their latest innovations in Nintendo Labo with a desire to dip their toes in the VR market. They have done so before, with the Virtual Boy, which didn’t have too lasting an impact. However, technology has changed, and mostly for the better.

Two Zelda Games May Come Out In 2019

Almost a month ago, Nintendo revealed that a remake of Link’s Awakening, the popular debut of the Zelda series on handheld, would be coming to the Nintendo Switch later in 2019. Now, there are rumors brewing that gamers might getting two Zelda games this year.

According to Nintendo insider, GameFAQs user Vergeben, in discussion with other users, may have confirmed that a 2D Zelda game would make its way to eShop this year. Further rumors suggest it is a smaller Zelda title, at least in comparison to Link’s Awakening on Switch, and will come out prior to the remake of Link’s Awakening. 

Nintendo Insider did discuss the probability Vergeben’s announcements. They say that, while he did correctly confirm the presence of characters such as Ridley and Ice Climbers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ahead of their official announcement, Vergeben was wrong in having confirmed Star Fox: Grand Prix‘s showing in last month’s Nintendo Direct.

It would be nearly unprecedented to have two Zelda games come out in the span of less than one year. Zelda fans are always gracious of even knowing there’s a new Zelda in development, much less that of two Zelda games. Regardless of the rumor’s likelihood, let us fondly rewatch the trailer for the Link’s Awakening remake:

The game is set to release later in 2019, so get your Master Swords prepped for launch.

Nintendo Asks Its Mobile Developers Put The Breaks On Micro-transactions

While micro-transactions have tended to be all the rage for many major developers these days, Nintendo seems to be one amongst the rest not all that invested in micro-transactions. This is according to TechRadar, who cites Wall Street Journal’s original post, blocked by a paywall, as TechRadar notes. It is said that Nintendo has asked its mobile developers to cool it on in-game purchases.

While Nintendo does have a paid service in the form of Nintendo Switch Online, the behemoth company mostly adheres to traditional gaming industry norms. This would include, it seems, in-game purchases. Perhaps, this is because Nintendo is learning from its peers. EA infamously inserted micro-transaction after micro-transaction into Star Wars: Battlefront II. Additionally, Bethesda has cozied up this, as seen in recent Fallout games. Thus, it’s nice to see Nintendo is holding on to old gaming conventions.

Right now, there are really only two major mobile games. Super Mario Run came out a while ago. Then, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released on the App Store as well. Both games are free and are, at the very least, reminiscent of their console counterparts.

This Week’s Releases

The eShop has gotten quite a few great titles this week, and will be receiving some shortly. First up is Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. The game will be releasing Friday, March 8 for $39.99 on Nintendo 3DS. The original Kirby’s Epic Yarn came out in 2010 to great reviews, garnering an 86 on Metacritic. The game is a creative platformer that puts a spin on the Kirby formula, adding stylized graphics and upping the charm to 11.

On March 7, the eShop got Hard Westa unique RPG based in the Wild West for Nintendo Switch. With a cast of characters whose fates are in your hands, players will utilize cover in RPG combat in an effort to defeat those who have wronged you. It currently runs for sale at $17.99 on the eShop, so if you’re interested, get this while you can!

Also, Beat Cop was released on March 5, selling for $14.99 on Switch. With a keen sense of humor and a genuine 1980’s vibe, Beat Cop seems to be a very unconventional game with puzzle elements.

As always, you can find these and more on the Nintendo Game Store.




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