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Nintendo’s Newsworthy – Details on Mobile, Endless Switch News, and More

Born and raised on Goomba Stomp, Nintendo’s Newsworthy is a weekly news column reporting on Nintendo’s news. This week, Nintendo’s Patents Reveal Details, and Infinite Switch News.

Born and raised on Goomba Stomp, Nintendo’s Newsworthy is a weekly news column reporting on Nintendo’s news.

This week, Nintendo’s Patents Reveal Details, and Infinite Switch News.

Nintendo Patent Hints at Mini SNES

A bot on Twitter discovered a patent for a Super Nintendo style controller, placed by Nintendo. While the patent could mean a lot of different things, such as a controller adjustment for the Switch or Nintendo just covering their bases, many fans are speculating that this signifies the existence of an SNES Classic Edition. Reportedly, the NES Classic Edition sold relatively well, so it might be in Nintendo’s best interest to release its sequel. Fans can only hope that they’ll actually stock their adorable system this time.

Nintendo Details Further Plans for Their Mobile Games

In an interview with Kyoto NP, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kashima revealed some of their plans for releasing mobile games in the near future. Apparently, Nintendo is planning to release two to three mobile games every year, which fits with their releases for 2016, those being Super Mario Run, Mitomo, and Pokémon Go, their first three mobile games. It seems that an Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem game, both releasing in 2017, will be two of their next. Perhaps the third, if there is to be a third, would be a sequel to one of the original three, although a Zelda game on mobile comes packed with potential.

Source: TechCrunch

Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewed by Nintendo

Those who adore Eternal Darkness’ psychologically damaging brand of terror will be happy to know that Nintendo is showing interest in the franchise once again.

Nintendo has renewed its trademark, possibly hinting at a remake, port, or an entirely new game for Switch. In the same vein as Mother 3, many fans have been waiting for the game to receive some extra attention. This could possibly bring a different crowd of players to the Switch. Of course, the more the merrier, especially in terms of players not regularly found playing Nintendo’s consoles.

Source: Mobile and Games

Breath of the Wild Leaked as Releasing in Spring 2017

A picture from the next issue of Corocoro magazine has leaked, revealing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a Spring 2017 release. This leak is lent extra credence by the many previous Corocoro leaks that turned out to be correct.

The leaked photo in question…

Famed leakers Laura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers also backed this up, detailing it even further. They both stated that fans should expect BotW in March, at least in North America. As we all know, the Switch is officially releasing in March, so this new open-world Zelda is almost undoubtedly a launch title for the console (if these rumours are to be believed, which they probably should be).


Switch May Not Be Powerful Enough to Receive Ports of Current Generation Games

The former Lead Renderer at Ubisoft, Sebastian Aaltonen, has detailed the Switch’s specs further, revealing some unfortunate conclusions. Reportedly, the Switch hardly matches the specs of the Xbox One, meaning that easy ports are seemingly impossible. “But I am talking about the POV of down porting current gen games to Switch,” Aaltonen wrote, “Switch certainly fares well against last gen consoles, and Maxwell’s tiled rasterizer would certainly help older pixel + vertex shader based renderers. Too bad last gen consoles already got their last big AAA releases year [sic] ago. Easy ports between Xbox 360 and Switch are not available anymore. Xbox One is a significantly faster hardware. Straightforward code port is not possible.”

This is an exceedingly disheartening release, considering that it foreshadows a similar circumstance to the Wii U’s, which was plagued by a lack of third party support due to its confusing hardware. Hopefully, the Switch can gather a big enough following to make this difficult development cycle worth the effort.

Source: GameTransfers

Switch to See Many Games Running on the Unreal Engine

Takayuki Kawasaki, Territory Manager for Epic Games Japan, has come out with details on some of the games coming to Switch, specifically those that utilize the Unreal engine. He first reconfirmed that the Switch is capable of running the engine, then specified that many of the games that use the engine will be coming to the system.


‘Seasons of Heaven’ will be one of the first Switch exclusives to use Unreal Engine.

Unreal being one of the most used engines, this is near vital for Nintendo. The Final Fantasy VII remake, Kingdom Hearts III, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite are just of a few of the huge, upcoming releases utilizing it. Nintendo, and the Switch by transference, can only gain by heavily supporting this engine.

Source: VG24/7

Nintendo Was Shown the Most Online Interest Out of the Big Three in 2016

According to SimilarWeb, things relating to Nintendo were searched three times more than those relating to Microsoft or even Playstation in 2016. This only includes these companies’ console products, so characters or peripherals didn’t count toward these results. The graph below shows a steep rise in September that continues after October and November.

An extremely steep rise in September. 

The Pokémon Go Plus accessory was released in September, the Switch was revealed in October, and Sun and Moon were released in November, so a rise is to be expected. But to actually be shown interest three times more than the other companies is rare for Nintendo these days and certainly bodes well for their upcoming console.

Source: VentureBeat

Switch to Have Non-Removable Battery

According to a filing by the FCC, the Switch’s battery will unremovable. This is dissimilar to the Wii U, whose battery was upgradable using an official extension released by Nintendo. The Switch will be unable to even upgrade, according to this filing, meaning that we’re stuck with whatever battery life it’s released with. The FCC reviewed a console meant to replicate the final product, however, so it’s entirely possible that Nintendo will tweak the system to have a removable battery before launch.

The official Wii U High-Capacity Battery.

Unfortunately, considering the Switch’s portability-focused design, a battery upgrade is unlikely. This would defeat the purpose of the Switch by making it heavier and possibly giving it protruding, unkempt wires. Here’s hoping that it is released with a worthwhile battery to begin with. All will be revealed at the Switch event on January twelfth. Much of Nintendo’s future is riding on the Switch, so let’s hope that the console can reach its full potential.

Source: Engadget

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