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Nintendo’s Newsworthy – Even More Switch, Nintendo’s Theme Park, and More

Born and raised on GoombaStomp, Nintendo’s Newsworthy is a weekly news column reporting on Nintendo’s news.

This week, even more on Switch, Super Mario Run, and Nintendo’s theme park.

Nintendo Theme Park Named and Concept Art Shown

Nintendo and Universal have released the first concept art of their theme park collaboration, as well as its name.

Super Nintendo World will be coming “before the 2020 Olympics” according to Nintendo. These Olympics are being held in Japan, so the release of Super Nintendo World will be sure to attract some tourists.

The concept art shows Bowser’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, a Toad House, and some sort of mountain themed around Super Mario 3d World.

Various characters also speckle the landscape; Yoshis, Toads, and Princess Peach to name a few.

Image result for Super Nintendo World

The artwork released by Nintendo.

While there is a startling lack of other Nintendo characters, this art is exciting nonetheless.

Yooka-Laylee’s Release Date Confirmed and Wii U Edition Cancelled

In a four-minute trailer shown last week, Banjo-Kazooie’s successor received a concrete release date. Yooka-Laylee will arrive April 11th for PS4, Xbox One, PC. A Switch version will also be released in 2017, but its exact release date has not been confirmed.  

Although, this freshly announced Switch version comes at the cost of the Wii U version, which has reportedly been canceled.

Playtonic Games was having apparent technical issues when developing this version so they had to transfer their work to the Switch, but they didn’t go down without a fight.

According to their fact page, “The Playtonic team wanted to explore every possible avenue before making the very difficult decision to transfer development from the Wii U. Our developers worked tirelessly over many months in an attempt to solve our technical issues, but unfortunately, it’s not been possible to bring Yooka-Laylee to Wii U as originally planned.”

While this may be yet another piece of bad news for Wii U owners, the Switch version is something to be excited over.

Here’s the trailer:


Switch Patents Reveal AR Control, VR Possibility, and More

Patents have been published revealing some of the Switch’s possible features, as well as confirming some rumors.

One feature returning from the Wii U is the gyro control. Apparently, either the Joycons or the system itself will be equipped with motion-sensitive mechanisms, just as the Wii and its predecessor were. This could mean easy ports of Wii games could be coming to the Switch.

Next, a feature that was heavily rumored. The bottom of the right Joycon is supposed to have an AR sensor on it. This is yet another capability shared with the Wii, hinting further at the possibility of ports. This AR support could also be a means of replacing the Wii U’s touchscreen, so a Super Mario Maker port could feasibly work on the Switch. Although, it would be much less comfortable to play.

Finally, probably the most interesting reveal, the Switch could be supporting a VR headset of sorts. According to the artwork accompanying the patents, the Switch system would slip into a pair of goggles, much like Samsung’s VR headset. This would be a huge step for Nintendo and could lead to some amazing games if used correctly.

Image result for Switch patents VR

It seems the console will slip into the headset as shown… simple yet efficient. 


Nintendo Shares Drop After Release of Super Mario Run

In the five days after the release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s shares dropped by fifteen percent.

This could be a result of Super Mario Run’s poor player reviews. It now stands at just 2.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store. The game’s 10 dollar price point most likely put many players off, causing its score to drop.

Even more baffling, Super Mario Run was downloaded 25 million times and made a revenue of $21 million dollars in the four days after its launch. It now sets the record for fastest to reach 25 million downloads, beating Pokémon Go by seven days and Clash Royal by eight. While Pokémon Go was only released in three countries at launch, Super Mario Run was released only for IOS, so this achievement is extremely impressive.

Image result for mario run sales

The predicted lack of revenue is unsurprising considering ‘Super Mario Run’ has a ten dollar price point. 

But, Nintendo’s shares still dropped. It appears that strictly writing “Mario” on something won’t give it excellent reviews, but it will make Nintendo a little richer.

Switch’s GPU Possibly Slower When Not Docked

According to Eurogamer, the Switch will be much faster when docked. In fact, the system will run 40% as fast when in it’s in tablet mode.

Many fans have taken this to signify the Switch’s comparative lack of power, but it still has a GPU close to that of the Wii U when undocked. The docked Switch runs with 768MHz GPU while the Wii U runs with a 550MHz GPU.

Although, when the Switch is undocked it runs with a 307.2 MHz. But compare the Wii U running Breath of The Wild against the Switch. It looks choppy on the former while running beautifully on the latter, even in off-screen play. This goes to show that GPU does not mean everything and these specs provide an outlook mostly important for those actually developing games for the system.


Nintendo is holding a Switch ‘Preview Tour’ 

After their Switch preview event on January 13th, Nintendo will be taking the Switch to various cities so their fans and journalists can play with it free of charge.

The tour will be taken to eight locations: New York City on January 13th-15th, Toronto and Pax South in San Antonio on January 27th-29th, Washington on February 10th-12th, Chicago on February 17th-19th, San Francisco on February 24th-26th, Los Angeles on March 3rd-5th, and Pax East and SXSW on March 16th-18th.

The first two days of each session is invitation only, while the last day is open to all. The multiple days, along with the various locations, should allow many fans to get their hands on the Switch.
This feels like yet another progressive week for Nintendo. Here’s hoping for more to come.

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