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The Not Red E Podcast Ep. 10 – Chicken Theft

The highlight of this episode is most definitely David’s tale of cat burglary, but a definite close second is our lengthy discussion about the diarrhoea-inducing Resident Evil 2 – a game so scary it literally gave Alex the shits. On top of that, we’ve got another round of Backlog Tombola, there’s the letter F to discuss in the Alphabet of PlayStation, and there’s a brand new quiz game (which is way more fun to listen to and play at home) that would make Bruce Forsyth proud.

Running order:
00:00 – Intro bullshit
10:34 – Resident Evil 2
28:05 – Stardew Valley
37:01 – Hitman 2
42:33 – Yakuza Kiwami
45:46 – Backlog Tombola
51:20 – The Alphabet of PlayStation (F)
1:21:10 – David’s (new) Game


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