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The Not Red E Podcast Ep. 7: 2018 Awards Spectacular!

2018 PlayStation Awards

Another year comes to a close, the votes are in and counted, and we’re ready to discuss our winners and losers of 2018! Enjoy, agree, disagree, shut up. Thanks to all who voted in our Twitter polls – your votes legitimately counted towards these awards. Here’s the order of the show:

00:00 – Intro Bullshit
06:50 – Biggest Fuck Up Award
28:12 – Most Wanted Game of 2019 Award
42:42 – Developer of the Year Award
56:02 – Get in the Sea Award
01:15:47 – Probably the Best Game I Didn’t Play in 2018 Award
01:20:24 – Best Non-PlayStation Game Award
01:32:15 – Best Multiplayer Award
01:37:37 – Twat of the Year Award
01:44:45 – Best Indie Game Award
01:56:35 – Biggest Surprise Award
02:01:31 – Biggest Disappointment Award
02:09:17 – Game of the Year Award

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