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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 115: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Spoiler Review & ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2

If Switch owners haven’t spent the last two weeks crushing Chain Chomps with a possessed Tyrannosaur, partying old-school style in New Donk City, and saving a village populated by living cutlery, then they’ve been doing it wrong. Super Mario Odyssey has taken the Nintendo world by storm, a glorious celebration of all things colorful and mustachioed. Rick, Tim, and Patrick have finally all had the chance to play through the main game (and more), and for their final review (with SPOILERS) they are rejoined by Goomba Stomp writer Tyler Kelbaugh to try to put the zaniness into words. Along the way, they discuss their favorite possessions, biggest disappointments, video game stories, and…marriage? This is a big one, folks.

Before that, the guys talk Xenoblade. Nintendo recently dropped a Direct focusing on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but did the new footage and info sell us on this epic adventure, or cause complete confusion as to the complexity of the combat?

For all this and more, be sure to have a listen, and pay careful attention for how to participate in the Nxpress Podcast’s first giveaway!


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