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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 121: Our Favorite Nintendo Characters From 2017

2018 has arrived, but we’re not quite done looking back at the previous year’s plethora of amazing games. This week Rick, Tim, and Patrick give their takes on Goomba Stomp’s recent list of the Best New Nintendo Characters, and though it’s heavy on Zelda folk (and mistakenly light on narcissistic Rabbids), there were plenty of other fine additions to the stable. Of course, they don’t necessarily agree on all of the choices, but with fish people and bird men on the menu, they do acknowledge that most of them would make for delicious meals.

Before that the guys catch up on what games from last year they’re finally getting to, as well as a couple of Indies that will hit the switch soon. Along the way they also talk Homeric references in Super Mario Odyssey, and decide whether The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger would make a better company president. It gets a little weird, but for all that and loads more, have a listen!



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