NXpress Nintendo Podcast 127: Interview With ‘Floor Kids’ Composer Kid Koala and the March Nintendo Direct

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Nintendo PodcastYou don’t have to be a b-boy or b-girl to appreciate Merj Media’s Floor Kids, and this week the NXpress crew goes behind the scenes of the Nintendo Switch’s breakout breakdancing game in an interview with Eric San a.k.a. Kid Koala. Rick, Patrick, and one of Goomba Stomp’s Indie Editors, Kyle Rogacion, all get lost in the rhythm with Mr. Koala, discussing everything from the game’s creative spark right up to the crunch time before release. How did the music inspire the animations, and vice-versa? How did the game’s breakdance battle storyline come about (and did someone actually get emotional over it)? And where does Galaga fit into it all? This is a wondrous, wild trip that anyone interested in making games will want to listen to.

For the last segment, the guys go over the latest Nintendo Direct, which turned out to be a solid March update that included quite a bit of meaty announcements. We list some of our favorite surprises — including the big one that caught us all off guard. For all this and more, have a listen!

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(Photo credit: Corinne Merrell via the Floor Kids website)



Main Event: Interview with Kid Koala
Kid Koala – “Floor Kids Soundtrack”
Tribe Called Quest – “What?”
Bonus Content: Nintendo Direct Review
Kid Koala – “Roll Credits”

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