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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 133: Nintendo Labo Review

Is Nintendo Labo a successor to the likes of Mario Paint, Brain Age,  and Pictochat, or just a passing fad?

Nintendo’s DIY cardboard Labo construction kits for the Switch were released last week, offering multitudes of projects to build and play with. Since the launch last Friday, some of us here at Goomba Stomp (including Tim) have come up with experimental and offbeat uses for the Labo while the rest of us have been busy playing God of War. Of course, we are not here to talk about Kratos since this is Nintendo show, but we do have a long and serious conversation debating on whether or not Nintendo Labo is universal. It should appeal to kids all over the world, but what about everyone else? Joining us this week to help review Nintendo’s latest toy-set is Goomba Stomp writer Marty Allen.

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