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Cuphead Nintendo Podcast Review

Nintendo Podcast

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #164: ‘Cuphead’ and ‘Steamworld Quest’

In a surprising turn of events, the once Xbox One exclusive Cuphead from StudioMDHR has been ported to the Nintendo Switch and the staff here at Goomba Stomp can’t stop playing this wonderful run and gun shooter. This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, we set aside some time to discuss the critical darling that has everyone talking about its gorgeous animation, jazzy soundtrack, and extreme difficulty. In our main event, we each take turns listing what we think Nintendo may or may not announce at E3, and last but not least, closing the show is a review of the RPG card game Steamworld Quest from Image & Form.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Difficulty in Video Games
Cup Head Soundtrack
Nintendosage Part 2: Cuphead Review
Cuphead Soundtrack
Main Event: E3 2019 Predictions
Cuphead Soundtrack
Bonus Content: Steamworld Quest Review
Cuphead Soundtrack

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