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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 116: Switch’s Third Party Boon and E-Rated Games

It’s a more discussion-oriented show this week, as Tim and Patrick are joined by veteran Goomba Stomp writer Izsak Barnette to talk about the recent burst of third party games on the Switch, as well as their prospects. DoomL.A. Noire, and Skyrim are just a few of the heavy hitters that have already arrived; how do they survive the translation to Nintendo’s hybrid, and will they be embraced by the Nintendo faithful? Does the future look bright for Switch developers not named Nintendo? And what games would we like to see next?

Next the guys talk about a recent article from Izsak that touches on the need for more high-quality family games in the industry. Mario can’t do it by himself, people, and though the gory dismemberment of games like Doom and gleeful crime sprees of the Grand Theft Auto series are plenty fun, maybe they aren’t the best thing to play at Thanksgiving with the nieces and nephews.

Before all of that we give Izsak the firt-time guest treatment, as well as talk about what games we’ve been playing lately. For all this and more, have a listen!



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