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‘Pay Day 2’ Removes Micro-Transaction in 100th Update

In the world of gaming, there are few ways to quickly lose consumer interest than by saying the word “micro-transaction”. Gamers have come to associate that with mobile gaming, low-quality cash-grabs, and pay-to-win mechanics that break the game. It’s the latter of these that plagued Pay Day 2, the co-op crime sim shooter from Overkill Software. A patch released a year ago added weapon skins that changed the stats of weapons, and more damning was the real-world cost associated with acquiring these skins. It soured the reputation of the game for many, and in a small niche community like Pay Day had that can be really damaging, with some fans still refusing to play the game.

In a move that can only be described as “the exact opposite of every other company in gaming”, Pay Day developer Overkill announced today that along with an unprecedented 100th patch they had also acquired all rights to the Pay Day IP and would be removing the micro-transactions from the game fairly soon.

from the Pay Day 2 steam announcement
from the Pay Day 2 Steam announcement page

What does this mean for the game? Well, there are still weapon stat changing skins, but now you don’t need to pay real-world money to unlock them, a compromise most fans should appreciate. Also announced was another 18 months of new content plans, impressive for a game that’s already three years old. In a statement on Reddit the developer was quick to request fans not blame 505 games, previous owners of the IP, for the micro-transactions. They even referred to them as “great partners”

As a sidenote, this update only makes the in-game micro-transactions free, not the myriad of DLC that the game has released. The update, as well as an updated FAQ, goes live Thursday, June 2nd.

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