Fan-made images have emerged of the anatomy of popular Pokémon.

The artist Christopher Stoll has posted the images in his gallery on Deviant Art. The gallery has been cleverly named PokéNatomy.

The images have been created entirely on an ipad, now that’s talent! He has even included detailed anatomical information on the Pokémon even relating to the creatures ‘ancestors’.

Above all, the images look really cool and add a creepy twist to our much loved franchise.The realistic images also make the game feel that more real especially now that it has been brought into the real world with the introduction on Pokémon Go.

There are only a select few available at the moment, but Stoll has said that their will be more to come.

Stoll clearly had a bit of spare time on his hands when making these interesting diagrams. You can’t be too sure what exactly drove him to making these but there is one thing for sure the we know, he really doesn’t like Rattatas.

pokrmon6 960 (1) pokemon1 pokemon2 pokemon3 pokemon4 pokemon5

images via Christopher Stoll

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