When it first released back in December 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was an instant hit for fans old and young alike, but the one criticism it had was that it felt a little too much like A New Hope. Although it is agreed to be one of the best Star Wars films since The Empire Strikes Back, its reproach is warranted, and because of that it limited the potential for the film to become something more than it was.

A video uploaded to YouTube by a perceptive user James Van Fleet shows how every transition and audio cue from The Last Jedi trailer, has been revealed to be almost the same as The Force Awakens reveal trailer. Each teaser runs through and ticks off the same components: set up new-trilogy characters with particular emphasis on Rey (check), call back to original trilogy characters (check), bring in voice-over that sets a certain mood (check), tease action and space battles remind the world that Star Wars now owns Christmas release window, and one last bite of nostalgia courtesy of original character speaking dialog on-screen (check and check).

By the end of Van Fleet’s video he emphasizes the point of how closely The Last Jedi trailer sticks with the method of The Force Awakens trailer. He shows how the two opening scenes of the two trailers sync up exactly to one another, where a character (Finn/Rey) is revealed abruptly after a slow fade-in.

However, it seems that fans will be happy regardless to see any kind of new footage from The Last Jedi, and Disney have managed to find a formula that will always seem to get a reaction from people. You can check out the full video below:

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