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Sony PlayStation News Roundup: State of Play

On Monday 25th March, PlayStation held their first State of Play video event so we have a few key announcements to discuss in this week’s roundup. Let’s take a look!

VR Reveals

A significant amount of the State of Play was focused on VR titles. As well as giving an update on a slew of VR games coming up in the next few months, the most notable VR announcement was Marvel’s Iron Man VR. The game looks to be more of a flying simulator then anything, allowing the player to take on the role of Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. Have you always wanted to be Iron Man but didn’t have the bank balance to pull it off? Then this may be the game for you! Unless, like me, you can’t actually afford VR . I’m too poor to even pretend to be Iron Man. If anyone needs me, I’ll be waiting on that Avengers game from Square Enix.

Check out the trailer for Iron Man VR here, coming this year.

Concrete Genie

A new trailer from developers PixelOpus for their upcoming adventure game Concrete Genie shows off the creativity and unique style of the game.  The player takes control of a boy called Ash who comes across a magical paintbrush which can bring his creations to life. Through the use of the PlayStation 4 controller, the player can use the DualShock motion controls to paint as Ash, and the creations will change depending on the choices made when painting them. Concrete Genie will only be a short game, clocking in at around 6 hours or so, but the elements that have been shown so far suggest a game that will be quirky, creative and individual. This one definitely looks like it will stand out in the vast sea of battle royales and loot boxes and I, for one, am excited for that.

Concrete Genie will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Fall 2019.

Days Gone

A new story trailer was also released for Days Gone, the open world apocalyptic biker game which is almost upon us after previously being delayed.  We get more of a look at Deacon St John, the protagonist, as a character and a few hints as to where the story may be going. Most of the story is still under wraps but it is great to see another game with a huge focus on narrative and nothing in the way of online content. Days Gone could go either way at this point in terms of quality but if the most recent PlayStation single player exclusives are anything to go by, such as Spider-Man and God of War, we could be in for another winner.  Narrative single player games will always be my favorite kind and I’m also a connoisseur of all things zombie apocalypse, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Trailer of the Week

Borderlands 3

One of the biggest trailers in gaming this week was for the long awaited Borderlands 3. The third game from Gearbox Software and 2K Games had been teased earlier last week with a trailer called Mask of Mayhem but the full length trailer, released at PAX East, confirms that the third game will bring gamers back to the insane world of Borderlands. The trailer confirms the return of several key characters from the series, such as adorable robot Claptrap, a no longer so tiny Tiny Tina and, most surprisingly, Rhys from the Tales from the Borderlands Telltale series. It also shows that the player will have “billions” of guns to play around with (as much as I wish that wasn’t an exaggeration, as a logical human being, I have to assume otherwise) which is one of the strongest points of the Borderlands series. The franchise is known for its looting, shooting and giving the player a wide variety of choice with their weaponry. Borderlands 3 looks like it will keep up this tradition as well as the humor and attitude that we’ve come to know from the series.

No release date was given for Borderlands 3 but stay tuned for more information when it arises.

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