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Sony PlayStation Roundup- Zombies Galore, Marvel Crossovers and Bad Puns

This weeks roundup of news related to Sony PlayStation includes some God of War and Spider-Man tidbits as well as a look at the new trailer for the third episode of The Walking Dead Game. Read on for more.

Resident Evil 2 Demo

The highly anticipated Resident Evil 2 remake is almost upon us but to tide us over while we wait, Capcom have released a demo which will be available from January 11th to the 31st. The demo is called the “1-Shot Demo” due to it being a timed experience. The player has got thirty minutes with the game and when that time is up, they are no longer able to play until the release of the game in full. Whilst Leon Kennedy is the main character in the trial, others such as Claire Redfield will be available in the full game. Polygon reported that there is also a cinematic trailer included in the trial which is accessible anytime. Making the most of your play through is essential so be sure to manage your time if you plan on taking on the trial. Good luck!

Once your thirty minutes with the demo are up, you’ll be able to return to Raccoon City on January 25th when the full game is released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Fantastic Four could be coming to Spider-Man

A cryptic tweet from the Marvel Games Twitter account suggests that some Fantastic Four content could be coming to the Spider-Man game on the PlayStation 4. This week happens to be Fantastic Four week at Marvel and on Tuesday, they released a tweet saying, “And for our final #FantasticFourWeek Livestream announcement… something “fantastic” is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man! Any guesses? #SpiderManPS4 @insomniacgames @PlayStation.” In terms of what this could mean, it could be anything but one of the more rational theories is that it could be a new suit for Spider-Man. The suits within the game are what we have received the most of in terms of additional content since the game’s release. I’m just hoping that if it is a suit, we get Spidey’s Spare Fantastic Four outfit, otherwise known as The Amazing Bag-Man or Bombastic Bag-Man. In the comics, the suit came about when Spider-Man had no alternative outfit available, so to conceal his identity he literally just put a bag on his head. Here is a link with more details on The Amazing Bag-Man, because who wouldn’t be curious at this point.

Scrapped God of War DLC

God of War was a masterfully done video game which didn’t have much to show in terms of extra content. The New Game Plus and Photo Mode implemented later were perfect accompaniments but some did wonder as to whether DLC was ever going to be a possibility. After game director Cory Barlog’s appearance on TheGameOverGreggyShow, we now know that DLC was considered but ultimately scrapped. Barlog said in the show that his ideas were “too big” and “ambitious”. Whilst DLC may have been an interesting feature, depending on where exactly it was going in terms of adding to story, I personally don’t believe the game needed anything extra. The end of the game certainly teased something more narrative wise but it is probably for the best that this wasn’t expanded on in the form of DLC if it was going to be heftier than it needed to be. Here’s hoping we get to see Barlog’s DLC ideas come up in a sequel.

Trailer of the Week

The Walking Dead- The Final Season: Episode 3-Broken Toys

After the closure of Telltale Games towards the end of 2018, many fans of their work were left wondering what was to become of their upcoming games. Unfortunately, titles such as The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things were cancelled so it was thought that The Walking Dead- The Final Season would face the same fate. Fortunately, Skybound Games stepped in to finish the game, which was already two episodes in, and brought back as many of the team from Telltale Games who were working on it as possible. We’ve had teasers for the third, penultimate episode from Skybound but we’ve now, finally, been given an official trailer for Broken Toys. It will be interesting to see if there are any notable differences from the first two episodes, though due to a large portion of the team returning this hopefully won’t be the case. The trailer continues from the end of episode two and again shows Clementine teaching AJ the harsh ways of the post-apocalyptic world. Hopefully, our choices will still have an impact on the way he behaves. I’m also hoping choices from the previous episodes will still carry over so that each player will have their individual decisions in play. The last few moments of the trailer are the most striking. We see a flashback to season one with Clem on the train, only with an updated look to reflect how the art style and technology of the game has changed and developed since Season One back in 2012. Then we here Lee’s voice, the protagonist of Season One and Clementine’s guardian. Lee was such a crucial part of Clementine’s life. He taught her to survive and how to say goodbye. A flashback will most likely come at a stressful moment for her, such as in Season Two. I must admit, I’m mentally preparing myself for the emotion that will come with this flashback scene and I suggest fans of Telltale’s The Walking Dead should do the same. Coming fresh off the back of the studio’s closure, I have a feeling it’s going to hit us hard.

Broken Toys is due for release January 15th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.



Nothing says teamwork and camaraderie like throwing a raw hamburger patty into your teammates face. Perhaps I should clarify that experience. Overcooked is an indie game released in 2016, developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17.  The game is a cooking simulator which uses local co-op to allow players to navigate around a kitchen cooking various dishes to order whilst being timed. Overcooked is a perfect example of a simple idea executed very well.

Overcooked is most definitely a game that needs to be played cooperatively. I did attempt to do it on my own but it was pretty much impossible, not to mention a bit boring. However, as soon as another player joins in it instantly changes the dynamic of the game entirely. Co-op is implemented locally rather than online (though online was a feature that came into play in the sequel) and it immediately forces you into working together as a team. Being able to play locally means that you can enjoy the game with friends or family in the same room, which adds a personal element to it. I always tend to find it more fun to play with someone I know rather than a random angry twelve-year-old who hurls swear words at you every minute. Although online multiplayer is still an effective and convenient method of playing, it was nice to see a game still utilizing the local co-op element when online gaming seems to be taking over. There is also an option to use the same controller as your partner, but I wasn’t brave enough to even try it. My coordination leaves a lot to be desired. I was not ready for that.

The gameplay revolves around cooking dishes with your partner. There are several factors that are important to remember whilst playing, such as keeping an eye on your rapidly depleting timer, cooking dishes in the right order so that they are delivered on time, remembering to actually take your dish to the pass to serve it to the customer (I forgot to do that an embarrassing amount of times) as well as washing dishes as you go so that you don’t run out of clean plates. These all seem like pretty simple tasks for a cooking simulator but it becomes surprisingly difficult to keep it all in your head as your character fumbles around hastily trying not to crash into your fellow player every few seconds. The game manages to keep an idea that could turn stale quickly fresh by offering up changing settings and scenarios. For example, one level is set on a pirate ship where the layout of the kitchen changes with every sway of the boat. Another level is split between two moving vehicles, with one player having to be in each one and ingredients being tossed from one to the other. As you progress through the game, the levels get more unique twists that keep both players on their toes.

My experience with Overcooked was fun, frustrating and humorous. At least for me it was. My co-op partner was not too enthralled with my skills in the game, or lack thereof. I played this game with my boyfriend and I think he was seriously considering ending our twelve-year relationship following it. I was finding it shockingly hard to keep on top of orders as levels got harder, whilst he remained professional and efficient throughout. In other words, he was Gordon Ramsey whilst I was the inexperienced Hell’s Kitchen contestant trying not to cry as he yelled at me. I got to the point where the disappointment in myself turned to the need to be as irritating as possible. I was purposely throwing ingredients out of a moving vehicle, burning things and chopping ten onions at a time when the poor customer had only wanted tomato soup. Safe to say that when we played versus mode, I did not come out victorious.

Whilst it’s safe to say that I will never be a chef in any way, shape or form, Overcooked is most definitely a fun experience that brings people together with its local co-op style. It is a simple indie game with distinctive little differences that keep the levels interesting and welcomes the player to stay on their journey to become a master chef. I would say that Overcooked is a cooking simulator that remains piping hot rather than lukewarm. Please don’t hate me for the terrible cooking puns.

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