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Sony Playstation Weekly Roundup: Dream Daddy, Dream Big

PS4 Sales Continue to Rise

The sales figures for Sony are continuing to rise as it was revealed the Playstation 4 console has now officially outsold the previous generation console, that of the Playstation 3. In their latest financial report, Sony stated that in the last three months, ending September 30th, 2018, the PS4 has sold slightly less than 4 million units putting the total sold since release to over 86 million units worldwide. This already beats the overall sales of the PS3 of a little more than 83 million during the course of its life. With Christmas around the corner, the PS4 shows no signs of not slowing in terms of sales.


Popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, otherwise known as PUBG, is finally getting a release for the Playstation 4 after a long wait from fans. PUBG’s exclusivity deal with Microsoft meant that console wise, the game had to remain on the Xbox One for a year before any sort of deal with Sony could even be considered. With the growing popularity of the battle royale genre, and with the success of games like Fortnite and ARK: Survival Evolved it’s no surprise that Sony snapped up PUBG at the soonest opportunity. Reports suggest that the game could be released as soon as this December.

Path of Exile

Another game coming to the Playstation 4 around December time is the free to play RPG Path of Exile from Grinding Gear Games. The action-adventure title has been free to play on the PC since 2013 and was released August 2017 for Xbox One and has gained heaps of praise during its time due to the multiple character classes to choose from, engaging hack and slash style combat as well as there being no pay to win motives from the developers. The game has been compared to Blizzard’s Diablo in many positive ways so is sure to become a popular one once it hits the Playstation Network.

Trailer of the Week

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled Trailer

The latest trailer for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 shows off the Kingdom of Corona as seen in Disney’s Tangled.  Though short and sweet, the trailer manages to show off some gameplay and cinematics. We see Sora and the crew fight a Heartless disguised as a giant dandelion and get a quick glimpse of the Tangled themed Keyblade that Sora wields. There’s also some shooting fun to be had in a FPS style mini-game as well as a bit of what Rapunzel can do in terms of combat as she whips her hair at enemies. The cut scenes parallel scenes from the movie only with the inclusion of the Kingdom Hearts trio of Sora, Donald, and Goofy which could make for some fun additions to the Tangled story. Kingdom Hearts 3 is set for release on January 29th 2019 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


Indie Corner

Indie Game of the Week- Dream Daddy

A recent release on the PS4, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is as much ridiculous fun that the name suggests. An indie game developed and published by prominent Youtubers Game Grumps, Dream Daddy is a game that revolves around a creating your own dad and moving into a cul-de-sac with other mostly single dads and choosing which ones you want to date. It’s a funny, charming and even genuinely moving game with plenty of pop culture references, memes and bad dad jokes.

The player takes on the role of a single dad whose spouse has passed away and is moving across town with his daughter Amanda. There is some character creation to be had with your dad character. You can even choose to wear a chest binder suggesting a transgender father.  This element of inclusion is one aspect of the game that shines through as an important aspect.  The characters in the game are hugely diverse in terms of sexuality and ethnicity and it’s refreshing to see so many who were once underrepresented, or not even represented at all, come to the forefront. The player also gets a say in their background as well as the decision to make their character transgender. And if you so wish, you can also choose whether Amanda was your biological daughter or adopted and select whether the player’s spouse is a man or woman. The addition of these options shows a game that’s prepared to represent those who may feel marginalised in their portrayal in the media and this can only be a positive step.

Dream DaddyThe characters are one of the stronger aspects of the game and can very easily suck you into the Dream Daddy universe. Although the characters don’t move much on screen and only have a few different expressions and poses, it becomes easy to imagine what is happening as you read through on screen due to the likeableness of the characters and engaging, if not slightly choppy storyline. You can easily find yourself growing attached to certain characters too, notably for me was the players’ daughter Amanda who is in her last year of school and planning on going to college soon. When she receives a rejection letter from one of the colleges she applies for, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for her or perhaps even imagine what you might say or do for your own child in that situation. By the time the game is over, I felt a genuine connection to her. It’s not an easy task to make your audience feel a strong connection to your characters even in triple A games so this is a feat in itself. Your fellow single dads are also charming and strong characters in their own way, making it hard to pick which one you want to date. Each has their own personality as well as their own issues and the depth of their characters can only really be discovered by going on multiple dates with each of them. They all bring something different to the game but their love for their children and their individuality make them stand out. The art style of the game brings it all together beautifully as each character is designed with care and a distinctive style. The eggplant and love heart emojis that appear every time you say something that one of the dads approves of is also a strike of artistic hilarity which adds to the games overt humour.

Dream Daddy is not a game that has any dependence on gameplay in any way. Instead, it adopts a visual novel style. Reading and button pressing is what you will spend most of your time doing, as is the case with most games that come under the genre of dating simulator, and this is something that may be a negative for gamers that need a bit more stimulation. There are mini-games sprinkled throughout that add something unique every time, such as preventing penguins from escaping their enclosure at the zoo or attempting to navigate a mosh pit of excitable youths.  The gameplay mechanics are still incredibly simple in the mini-games but they add some freshness to the game for those who may find the visual novel gameplay somewhat stagnant at times.

Although Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator may not be every gamers cup of tea, it is certainly a unique and fun game which benefits from great characters and brilliant art design.  An indie game that stands apart from others of the genre, it’s an experience that will stay with you even after you’ve chosen which dad is your one true dream daddy.


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