Sordid Cinema Podcast #522: ‘Baby Driver’ (Spoilercast)

Like every Edgar Wright movie, the director’s sixth feature, Baby Driver, takes a wild concept and turns it into a brilliant exercise in high style. This time around, the director’s latest film is a wildly successful romantic-heist-musical-comedy, propelled from scene to scene with a lively soundtrack. One thing Baby Driver has going for it is its crowd-pleasing ability. Yes, folks, Baby Driver has it all: thrills, romance, suspense, dark comedy, nonstop action, a killer soundtrack and a star-making performance from Ansel Elgort. The question is, do we all like it? This week special guest Josh Slater-Williams joins us to discuss Wright’s most ambitious work to date as well as his recent interview with Wright himself. All this and more.

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“Baby Driver” – Simon and Garfunkel


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