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Sordid Cinema Podcast #530: Stephen King’s ‘It’

There just aren’t enough movies about crazy killer clowns these days, so it’s with open arms that we welcome Pennywise back onto the screen. He’s grown up a bit, as this latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is the first to release theatrically, but not a step has been lost in the process when it comes to terrorizing dorky kids. This week Simon, Rick, and Patrick immerse themselves in a frightening world of town curses, freaky paintings, New Kids on the Block, and tighty whities. How does the new version of IT compare to the 1990 miniseries? Who’s the coolest Loser in the Loser’s Club? Is that one scene from the book really unfilmable? And most importantly, will IT make audiences remember what it’s like to be afraid of slide projectors?

For all this and more, tune in and have a listen!


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The Cure – “Six Different Ways”


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