Power Rangers in Armour

‘Power Rangers’ Revitalizes The Classic Series

If there was ever a classic series that lends itself to a big budget do-over, it's the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Flash forward 25-years and there...

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‘Race with the Devil’ a spare, solid, sharply paced horror/road flick

Race with the Devil is an underrated classic that still hasn’t received the treatment it deserves.

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‘Meathead Goes Hog Wild’ is a hidden gem

Tough to categorize, hard to forget, Meathead Goes Hog Wild is an unsettling and bracingly original micro-budget gem that firmly places a trio of...

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GIFF lineup- Dean

2017 GIFF Movie Diary: Entry #1-3

A quick rundown of several films running at the 2017 Gasparilla International Film Festival.

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GIFF 2017 Interview: Bob Layton explains why “we can’t just maintain the status quo”

Sordid Cinema's conversation with Bob Layton touches on Tony Stark versus Bruce Wayne, Layton's creative inspirations, and the secret to successful...

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Buffyversed #1: Welcome to the Hellmouth

Welcome to the Hellmouth, home slices. Can you believe it's been 20 years? I was 11 when all of this began, with not a whisker on me (these days I'm...

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Movie Diary - Carrie Pilby

GIFF 2017 Interview: ‘Carrie Pilby’ Director Susan Johnson

During GIFF, Sordid Cinema spoke to Susan Johnson about touring the festival circuit, the YA genre, and the need for more female filmmakers.

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