The Power of ‘Documentary Now!’

Although it does so as a friendly roast, 'Documentary Now!' ultimately speaks for the necessity and the inherent cultural power of the form.

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River's Edge

‘River’s Edge’ – shocking, unforgettable and a must see!

One of the most controversial indies of the 1980s, River’s Edge, drew its inspiration from a notorious real-life murder which took place in...

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Justice League Dark

Tom Watches Movies: ‘Justice League Dark’ is a Decent Primer for DC’s Paranormal Heroes

'Justice League Dark' is far from DC Animation's previous greatest-hits, providing decent entertainment that newcomers especially may enjoy, while...

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Please Like Me

‘Please Like Me’, We Will Miss You

'Please Like Me' is a unique comedy that won't be coming back for a fifth season. It will leave a void no other show will be able to fill.

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‘Parenthood’ – a feel-good movie with some pretty bleak visions of life

From the director of Splash, Willow and Cocoon and screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (Night Shift and Splash), comes Parenthood, a funny...

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White House Down

Tom Watches Movies: ‘White House Down’ Looks More Realistic Every Day

'White House Down' is completely un-cynical, a quality that makes it increasingly anachronistic, but also more and more singular. It's as far from...

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The Three Best TV Shows That Premiered After A Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is usually the highest-rated single television broadcast of the year, so the post time slot is probably the most coveted in TV because...

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A Look Back At The Most Famous Super Bowl Commercial ‘1984’ Directed by Ridley Scott

When Steve Jobs launched the Macintosh, he had to generate buzz about a computer that was unfamiliar to most people. It was in 1984, that the...

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