‘Baby Doll’ – one of the sexiest films ever made

Two of Tennessee Williams’ one-act plays – Twenty-Seven Wagons Full of Cotton and The Long Stay Cut Short – are the basis for Elia Kazan’s...

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Tom Watches Movies: The (Other) Problem With CGI

Movie nerds sure do love to hate on CGI, don't they? Since being introduced to movies around the 1990s or so, computer-generated imagery, or CGI, has...

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‘The Young Pope’ – the guilty pleasure we all need right now

Whatever may come to pass in real life in the weeks and months to come, this series is exactly the kind of the guilty pleasure we all need right now,...

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Sundance 2017: Most Anticipated Films by Women

Mudbound's director first came to Sundance a few years ago with Pariah, the story of a young African-American lesbian navigating family and society's...

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